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  1. Test Automation Solution for Telerik Application at ‘ZERO COST’

    Test Automation Solution for Telerik Application at ‘ZERO COST’

    In the past, we were testing our application manually but as the customer saw more value in test automation it was decided to go ahead and…

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  2. holiday_season-min

    Retail Innovator Trends ahead of the 2017 Holiday Sales Forecast

    Retailers rejoice! The holiday season is here! And guess what? According to industry experts, people are going to spend more than last year. So get…

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  3. MB-scoop-nov

    Digitally Yours – Winning Over Millennials with a Trusted, Personal Banking Relationship

    Digital technology is core to the Millennial lifestyle. The Pew Research Center labeled Millennials as “Digital natives in a land of digital immigrants.” Millennials put…

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  4. Cloud For SaaS

    Mastering the Key Elements of Cloud-based Development for SaaS Applications

    Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of cloud drivers and adopters where companies no longer experience cloud-first but…

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  5. Empowered Commerce-min-min

    Migrate faster to the Oracle V16 POS with our integration solution

    IHL research and advisory firm recently named Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service offering—the top overall provider for both types of retailers (hard good and soft goods).…

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  6. Demandware Predictive Intelligence Test Automation Approach

    Demandware Predictive Intelligence Test Automation Approach

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud (erstwhile Demandware) has introduced a new powerful tool called “Einstein Commerce Insights” that extends the foundation of Commerce Cloud with powerful insights…

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  7. shutterstock_698888173

    What does Big Data and Sherlock Holmes have in common?

    What’s common between a Great Detective’s work and Big Data Analytics? They both find insights from enormous amounts of accumulated data and use it to…

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  8. The dissertation requires a placement on the subject and might offer an essential framework for dialogue.

    Since they’ve put as much time plus work within their article writing that its almost painful in order for them to detect the on line…

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  9. Effective Multi- Device Testing for your e-Commerce Solution

    Multi-device Automation Testing for the Retail Industry

    Gone are those days when one had to step outdoors to shop or visit a nearest bank to make a transaction, courtesy the internet. Many…

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  10. Hybrid cloud managemnt

    Hybrid Cloud Management with ServiceNow

    The Agile model restructured hierarchies, simplified processes, automated workflows and left the IT infrastructure team squabbling around trying to cope up with the pace that…

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  11. millennial-banking-scoop-oct

    Silence is Not Golden in the Millennial Banking World

    Silence — an emotion, a message, a phenomenon, a movement — Cannot by itself transform into positive interactions for the Millennial. Technology experiences can make…

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  12. Accelerate Margins with JDA Retail Planning Solutions

    Accelerate Margins with JDA Retail Planning Solutions- EP and Allocation

    The new era of retail, driven by digital processes through omnichannel means, is all about the customer; gone are the days when brands and seasons…

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