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    Unveiling the Monitoring Benefits of Oracle Retail Xstore POS

    The rising customer demands push retailers to adopt futuristic technologies so that their employees can successfully cope up with the changing retail landscape. But in…

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  2. Episerver Ascend USA 2018

    Join Aspire Systems at ascend 2018 to find out how you can use Episerver to transform a customer’s digital journey with Artificial Intelligence and personalization.

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    The Curious Case of the Dynamic Customer Sentiment

    This case could even beat the curious case of Benjamin Button because understanding customer behavior is by far the most difficult task for retailers. Have…

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  4. Is Bootstrap a silver bullet for digital experience – Part 3

    UX Best Practices for Digital Experience The digital landscape is rapidly evolving as the primary focus of businesses considers user experience as a crucial element…

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  5. Financial Applications of Neural Networks

    Financial Applications of Neural Networks

    Back in the day, applications related to the financial domain were handled by Expert Systems, a domain of AI.  An expert system is developed by…

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  6. Enhancing IT Service Delivery Experience: Service Portal 101- Creation and Enhancement

    For organizations seeking a stable ITSM implementation, purchasing a packaged servicing solution is just the beginning. Modern enterprises abstain from rigid definitions of their capabilities.…

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  7. Cloud – The way forward for Test Automation tools

    Cloud – The way forward for Test Automation tools

    Test Automation: When test automation started to evolve a decade ago there were challenges in terms of insufficient tools, complexity of applications and getting skilled…

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  8. Banking for Millennials: 5 Key Things You Must Know

    Millennials are a generational cohort that is rapidly maturing in terms of their economic power. They now outnumber Baby Boomers and represent the biggest challenge-…

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  9. Catching up with Millennial Keynote Speaker, Brian Fanzo on Digital Banking

    Millennials. While the term conjures up the image of a finicky bunch of 20 or 30-somethings latched onto their smartphones, socialism, slangs and social media…

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    Leveraging the Benefits of Oracle Merchandise Operations Management

    According to Research and Markets, the global retail industry is estimated to reach $28 trillion by 2019. Digitization, changing market trends and customer behavior force…

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  11. Is Bootstrap a Silver Bullet for Digital Experience? – Part 2

    Shortcomings of using Bootstrap off the shelf without customizing to mobile devices Mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use by the…

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  12. Product engineering trends

    Product Engineering Trends of 2018

    The term Product Engineering, in Software Engineering terms, is a multi-dimensional solution approach that encompasses all the necessary processes to successfully launch and run software…

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