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  1. Do's and Dont's in eCommerce Testing

    Do’s and Dont’s in eCommerce Testing

    The eCommerce industry is gaining more traction in the growing digital space and it is estimated to be worth $22.1 trillion. With increased number of…

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  2. Illustration_Bob_Cognitive_Selling - for merge

    Data-Driven Cognitive Selling

    Cognition, as the definition states, is “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Expanding the above definition,…

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  3. pos-test-automation

    POS Test Automation Challenges and Strategies

    As mentioned in my earlier blog post(POS Testing – Part 1), in competitive business such as retail, POS can be a key differentiator. It is…

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  4. POS Testing Challenges and Solutions

    POS Testing Challenges and Solutions

    What is POS? A POS (point of sale) is a computer which is connected to a receipt printer, cash drawer, credit/debit card reader and a…

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  5. mb-flix2

    Millennialization of Everything in Banking: Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Balkin

    Rewind “I confess. I’m a Millennial.” claimed Jeremy Balkin, the Head of Innovation at HSBC, as looks of surprise came over the faces of Senior…

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  6. Retail-friendly Test Automation Strategies

    Retail-friendly Test Automation Strategies

    In the age of omni-channel retail, creating engaging shopping experiences and building customer loyalty is more complicated than ever before. Meeting the 24/7demands of the…

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  7. Millennial-banking-scoop-september

    Connecting Millennial Banking Dots Builds Financial Well-Being

    If it’s uppermost in the Millennial’s Mind — Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. Millennials are hungry for sound financial knowledge, now more than…

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  8. blog image

    Scaling the Application Engineering Maturity ladder using PropelDE

    Application engineering has been going through steady changes since its inception. However, the last couple of years have turned the whole software engineering aspect on…

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  9. Market basket analysis hotel

    Menu Engineering with Market Basket Analysis

    A Cornell Hospitality Quarterly study found that 75% of customers who visit a restaurant are undecided on what to order. This is an opportunity for…

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  10. Top UX Priority Goals for Retailers Today

    Top UX Priority Goals for Retailers Today

    By 2020, customer experience is predicted to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. And to offer high customer experience, user experience is…

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  11. StarWest 2017

    Testing Trendsetters at STARWEST 2017

    Bring out the best of your testing capabilities and flaunt them on this year’s biggest testing ramp- the STARWEST 2017, Anaheim, CA. Held for a…

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  12. StarWest 2017

    Join Aspire Systems at the STARWEST Conference

    STARWEST 2017 is knocking on your door! The premier conference for software testers and quality assurance professionals is less than a month away and you…

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