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  1. cloud based test automation

    World’s Largest Learning Company benefits from Cloud-based Test Automation

    World’s largest learning company with 40K employees in more than 70+ countries used cloud-based automation testing for an online assessment solution. The need for cloud…

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  2. Building Continuous Code Quality through SonarQube

    Despite being a test automation project, we always had our focus on delivering quality & clean code throughout the review process. In the past, we…

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  3. shutterstock_658083328

    PRIOS – Your Customer’s Ultimate Shopping Assistant for Phygital Delight

    Having an assistant is always a boon when it comes to getting a job done, be it in any field of work. And, shopping would…

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  4. Aspire-temnos-second-year

    Aspire and Temenos’ Exclusive 2 Year Story

    It was in 2016 that Temenos, the software specialist for banking and finance, announced a strategic partnership with Aspire Systems, a global provider of digital…

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  5. back-again-tcf-2018

    Aspire is Back Again at Temenos Community Forum 2018!

    This year’s Temenos Community Forum is just around the corner- a premier event happening in Dublin which will witness a distinguished gathering of banking decision…

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  6. Digital Commerce

    2018 is raising the Game for Digital Commerce through Futuristic UX

    The year 2017 has seen the rise of complete Digital Transformations and the purveyor of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Voice User Interfaces…

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  7. Hyper-Testing

    Discover the Hyper-testing Marvel at STAREAST 2018

    The lights are set, the stage is ready and the curtains are about to part and unveil one of the longest-running and most respected conferences…

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  8. future-of-banking-2018-1200x627

    Exploring the Future of Banking with Alex Jimenez from Zions Bancorporation

    At a time when more than 80% of Financial Institutions believe their business is at risk according to a PWC report, disruption is uppermost in…

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  9. Enhancing Customer Loyalty

    Enhancing Customer Loyalty using Market Basket Analysis

    Three centuries ago, in the early 1700s, American retailers would offer their customers copper tokens with purchases that could be later redeemed on future purchases.…

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  10. 6 Steps to achieve 360 degree experience with Service Portal

    The world of IT Service Management (ITSM) has come a long way. Back when IT infrastructure management was an unorganized function in an organization, disgruntled…

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  11. shutterstock_635474195

    Unveiling the Monitoring Benefits of Oracle Retail Xstore POS

    The rising customer demands push retailers to adopt futuristic technologies so that their employees can successfully cope up with the changing retail landscape. But in…

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  12. Episerver Ascend USA 2018

    Join Aspire Systems at ascend 2018 to find out how you can use Episerver to transform a customer’s digital journey with Artificial Intelligence and personalization.