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Have you mastered the Customer Interaction Lifecycle?

“In God we trust, all others bring data”                                                      …

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Reducing Risk in Financial Services with Intelligent Modelling

The previous decade saw one of the biggest economic meltdowns in the world’s history and as a result financial and related services plunged the deepest in the market. After 8 years, the industry is now…

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Role of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery in transforming DevOps

In the autumn of 1968, the first NATO Software Engineering Conference gathered programmers to tackle the “software crisis”. The period that followed not only harnessed the need for effective software solutions but also laid the…

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Unified API Platform- The Heart that keeps your Organization Ticking

Interconnection is the essence of this era of information technology. Behind every single interaction in the Internet, the APIs operate as worker bees to ensure that data gets exchanged in an agreeable format between the…

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Debunking paranoia over Cloud Security- A wakeup call from the future

The year is 2025. Progress in cloud-based technologies has accelerated multifold everywhere except in Cynicalville. This place is populated by enterprises that were, and still are, not too sure about Cloud Computing. When Silicon Valley…

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Data Visualization Trends