In this blog, we have discussed about possible benefits of Integrating Cognitive Services with your DevOps Culture.

DevOps alone is not going to help the organization for better software delivery. DevOps with some analytics will give you smarter & intelligent software delivery pipeline

In the Modern IT Era, we strongly believe DevOps with Analytics (Cognitive Services) would give tremendous outcomes in the IT operations perspective. Every organization is struggling to maintain the data noise. Data noise is nothing but a data overload and human’s inability to interpret. Either in the Enterprise application or ISV, it generates millions of events and it grows day by day. It takes hours of time for the IT Operations team to detect the issue and analyze the root cause. Also, they wanted to correlate the actual events rather than the duplicates. These types of operations yields to:

  • A lot of man hours
  • Resource management
  • Lack of knowledge of root cause
  • Data Garbage
  • Additional business expenses

To avoid above circumstances, Machine learning Analytical tools can be used, it will correlate the actual event automatically and assign them to the corresponding team. So that IT operations team can do solid troubleshooting and proactively identify the issues.

As we learned from the industry experts, the following best practices could make your DevOps pipeline more efficient, we call it the “Five Fingers Theory for DevOps Success “

  • Monitor your Pre-Production environment
  • Collaborate with Dev, Ops, Biz
  • Monitor the service and end-users post deployment
  • Understand the end-users
  • Hear about end-user needs and optimize the application features

Click here to read more about the white paper, and find out how DevOps and cognitive services can boost organizational growth.

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