Who would want a bad, paper-filled, cumbersome and boring onboarding experience on their first day at the job?

New Employee onboarding is one of the most complex services to implement. However, with ServiceNow you can now make it easier and hassle-free, that improves candidate to employee experience, increase new-hire productivity and retention, and improve efficiency and transparency of the new employee onboarding process. ServiceNow enterprise onboarding and transitions has many stakeholders like HR, Project sponsor, IT and Finance. To understand the nuances of new hire onboarding in ServiceNow HRSD, it is important to know the onboarding maturity model, which can help you streamline the process.

NEO – New Employee Onboarding

When a new employee joins a company, they go through many paperwork and signature procedures. This when done manually can take minimum two weeks to complete the whole onboarding process. Typically, employees are burdened with many tasks such as, selecting the work desk, selecting the computer, signing the non-disclosure agreement and uploading the necessary documents. Even after the initial onboarding process, at times they would still be bombarded with questions from their colleagues and other team members. This affects the image of the enterprise and its reputation as an employee friendly firm.

ServiceNow Mobile HR onboarding

ServiceNow Mobile HR onboarding application is downloadable from Google or Apple store. It integrates all the onboarding tasks and provides a seamless experience for the employee and the HR team. ServiceNow employee onboarding application is equipped with all the employee related information and digitizes the workflow. The application expedites all onboarding tasks and creates a list of task at one place like, ordering computer, review and sign forms, getting user ID and accesses on day one. This helps employees to be productive right from day one. To put it in other words, the onboarding runway of two weeks is cut short to two days and the employee is ready to take-off right away. Even remote employees can benefit from the application as the laptops are received on time through the application and integrations are done immediately once the employee gets the laptop. This feature is crucial in the current pandemic scenario, as new employees are quickly on-boarded irrespective of their location.

ServiceNow Licenses

Maturity Model: where do you stand?

For a hassle-free NEO experiences, it is important to understand where your enterprise stands with employee onboarding in the maturity model. With increase in level of maturity, your enterprise also gains value across various areas. Let us now dig deep into the Onboarding maturity model:

  1. Foundational: This level has a defined fulfilment process and fulfills catalog-based requests.
  2. Single Destination: This level has visibility across the overall onboarding process, produces personalized welcome content and follows a consistent process. The new employees can thus, access it as a single dashboard for all activities.
  3. Optimization: Here, one can identify trends and inefficiencies to reduce bottlenecks, automate IT catalogs and automate low-effort high impact manual activities.
  4. Digitization: This level enables new employees to sign digital signatures, digitize paper artifacts and provide electronic checklists.
  5. Unified UI: This is the topmost level in onboarding maturity model where, there are bi-directional integrations and has single experience layer for all interactions.

If you are already a ServiceNow customer, our experts can help you implement ServiceNow HR onboarding application through our services. If you are planning to adopt ServiceNow, Aspire Systems can help you in ServiceNow adoption through its ServiceNow roadmap.


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