What if I say that you can cut up to 30% in your ServiceNow Support cost? That is exactly you might want to hear in the current pandemic situation. In these testing times of pandemic, business leaders have realized that smart ways of cost cutting strategy are needed and they are in a rush to cut cost across domains. Although, administrative cost cutting measures are in place, targeted domains like IT applications support are meagre considered for cost-cutting strategy, as they are the backbone of day-to-day business operations for any enterprise.  

If you have chosen ServiceNow Support for your IT systems and find it too costly for operating ServiceNow platform, this article might help you to a great extent. What I am going to suggest here will not only affirm your cost cutting strategy, but also ensures that you have a smooth transition to new ways of working this pandemic situation has led to. 

We have seen in the past that many enterprises handle ServiceNow Support through an IT partner or in rare cases an in-house IT team handles the support operations. This engagement often led to increase in feasibility cost and led to inefficiencies due to lack of resources. Further, the net billing rates for ServiceNow resources in Onshore locations are 69% higher than the Offshore net billing rates. By now, you might have guessed that outsourcing your ServiceNow Support can lead to cost cutting up to 69%. Sounds too good to be true? Let us now dig deep in to the off-shore model. 

Off-shore or Offshore? 

We need to de-hyphenate the off-shore. The idea of offshore model of operations is not an alien concept and have fetched great results in the past. With the current pandemic situation, going forward, offshore delivery will play a great nurturing factor in cost cutting strategy. And for ServiceNow Support, the offerings are straight forward and will ensure a cost cut of about $30,000/year. 

Choosing your ServiceNow Partner. 

A ServiceNow Support partner is an important stakeholder in aligning with your cost cutting strategy. A wise choice needs to be made in choosing the partner and the partner should be able to fetch you a road map for ServiceNow Support. For instance, if an on-site resource is billed at $120/hr for ServiceNow Application support, the same can be delivered through off-shore model at $40/hr. Hence, choosing a partner need to be done by a competitive bid and should ensure higher ROI in lower cost. 

ServiceNow Support and our offerings 

We enable enterprise business stakeholders to eliminate the bottlenecks that affect their day-to-day operations and enhance the user experience across the organization. We provide world-class ServiceNow managed services featuring: Application maintenance, Upgrade, System Integrations, Custom application development, Break Fixes, Migration and Administration, Process automation advisory and enablement, Feature Enhancements, New Feature development, Platform Optimization, License management, Governance and Compliance. 

The two-pronged approaches in ServiceNow Support are Pure Offshore model and Onshore-Offshore model. In the former approach, we would be working 100% from offshore and in the latter model, we would be working in a ratio specified in process document. Further, offshore teams will be led by a certified ServiceNow System admins and ServiceNow Implementation specialists.  

With so much things to get in offshore model, business leaders can have a sigh of relief and opt for outsourcing their ServiceNow Support to trusted partners. Now they would have one reasonless to be worried about. In coming days of uncertainty, certain things need to be sorted out first. You might be interested in our ServiceNow Support offering which can help you achieve the desired goal. If you want to know about our other ServiceNow Offerings, click here.

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Ramji Yagnashankar