We all know that ServiceNow HRSD aims to improve the employee experience by automating everyday tasks by providing tools that will help HR Professionals deliver various HR services to the employees.

ServiceNow HRSD is used by different stakeholders such as employee for raising HR related requests, HR professionals who work on the HR case and leadership for monitoring the overall progress of the HR department as a whole. ServiceNow Paris release has exciting new features lined up when it comes to HRSD. Paris release has paved way for the users to adopt agile working models, greater integration and increased productivity of the agents.

HRSD-What’s new in the Paris release?

In Case and Knowledge Management, you will now be able to standardize documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee requests, that improves HR efficiency over time.

The Translations for HR cases in HRSD creates task templates for employees so that they would be able to view the short descriptions their HR cases and tasks in their preferred language.

The Employee Service Center provides a single, unified portal for employees to get all the necessary information and services that the employees need. The campaigns for HR Service delivery provide an easy-to-use, single-page view for managing content and assembling your campaign.

ServiceNow Licenses

The Employee Onboarding and Transitions automates onboarding and other employee transitions across multiple departments. This improves employee satisfaction and increases HR department’s efficiency.

The HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace provides HR agents with a multi-tab interface for managing multiple cases and a heads-up contextual display that quickly orients them to their tasks. Your HR administrator can use the guided setup to guide you through the initial configuration and allows you to access guided setup under HR Case Management.

The Predictive Intelligence Workbench creates pre-built common use case templates, including automatically trained models. This will guide you through the predictive model implementation and will reduce resolution time through pre-built template that automatically determines HR services for cases. You can also test your predictive models to decide which ones best suits your business process.

Benefits of ServiceNow HRSD

ServiceNow HRSD improves employee satisfaction by providing them with a simple and powerful UI in a single user platform. Through ServiceNow HRSD, it is easy for employees to get all the HR services at one portal and simultaneously increases the HR productivity and efficiency by deflecting repeatable and administration transactions.

The employee onboarding has never been this easy before ServiceNow HRSD, as it eases the new hires with Lifecycle Events and employee transitions. Along with optimized service delivery, it helps in organizing employee interactions in a structured and efficient manner through which it drives down the cost-of-service delivery. On the whole, it replaces manual and siloed processes with cross-functional digital workflows for better employee interactions.

If you are planning to upgrade from earlier version of ServiceNow HRSD to Paris release, ServiceNow provides an upgrade kit and Aspire Sytems helps you to upgrade successfully with ServiceNow Automated Test Framework for running all the test cases. Aspire Systems has been successful in enhancing employee service experience by implementing ServiceNow HRSD for customers around the world.

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