Integration-A Key Enabler for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is shaking up the status quo in every industry today, and CIOs are feeling the pressure to reinvent their IT organizations to meet today’s 24/7 digital demands. However, it isn’t as simple as implementing one specific technology or tool. A successful digital transformation initiative involves connecting a vast array of technologies, capabilities, data, and applications to run better, faster and smarter. API Integration is the key to transform traditional business operations to a digitally connected business through transformation drives.
Integration, however, has remained a critical obstacle as digital enterprise programs ramp up. According to CIO Insights by the year 2018, 70% of siloed digital transformation initiatives are likely to fail because of inadequate integration/collaboration. Too many companies make the mistake of adopting digital solutions without thinking about how those applications will interoperate with existing on-premise legacy applications or adapt to future innovations.
Point-to-point coding and legacy integration middleware may have worked in the past but will no longer be applicable going forward. To invent their business in today’s 24X7 digital world, enterprises need a modern cloud-based integration platform that can help them tackle simple to complex integration scenarios at much less time and cost than what is required for traditional custom integration coding.

How Can Dell Boomi Simplify Your Digital Transformation?

Dell Boomi, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offers unmatched speed and flexibility to small, medium and large enterprises in building, deploying and managing integrations and APIs that are critical for digital transformation initiatives. Boomi provides enhanced agility in integrating any combination of cloud and on-premises applications to quickly and profitably create services for even the most complex IT ecosystems.
Compared to complex on-premise middleware like an enterprise service bus (ESB), Boomi offers:

  • Lighter weight architecture that can be deployed across multiple platforms
  • Reduced implementation times over traditional integration, resulting in rapid time to value
  • Enhanced developer efficiencies and DevOps style infrastructure management
  • Substantial cost savings and reduced implementation risks; acquisition cost is a fraction of proprietary software

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What AURAS brings to the table as a Value Proposition

Aspire’s Unified Reference Architecture (AURAS), a future-ready cloud integration solution built on top of Boomi platform, has the capability to deliver the most complex integrations in a robust and accelerated fashion across a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, insurance, supply chain, and manufacturing.