If you’re in the retail business, you know how important it is to have a well-run and organized operation. As retailers, you also know that superior customer experience will be your key differentiator and, therefore, must ensure that your POS system caters to customer needs with zero downtime.

The retail industry is evolving into a hybrid online and offline model and needs technologies that drive augmented reality, AI-enabled demand forecasting, voice assistants, contactless payment solutions, and more. And the aim is to streamline retail operations, improve customer service, and increase revenue. Oracle Retail Xstore suite, a cloud-based retail management system, enables all that and more from a single, centralized interface. With the built-in intelligence, retail industries worldwide are reinventing themselves for a competitive edge.

Why do retailers need Oracle Xstore?

While we know all that Oracle Xstore offers, including inventory management, order management, etc., it has integration capabilities that allow the cutting-edge system to extend to customer service. For instance, Xstore can be integrated with CRMs like Relate or Oracle Retail Customer Engagement out-of-the-box in today’s hybrid retail model. Xstore and CRM integration helps with marketing campaigns and building customer relationships.

Enhance customer service

Customer service is paramount in the retail industry. Therefore, improving speed in service delivery, a more robust POS system, and insight-driven actionable data are all vital aspects that ensure a superior customer experience. It allows retailers to integrate the Xstore’s Point-of-Sale with CRM to offer a more personalized and efficient customer service experience.

Organize inventory

Surplus stock or out-of-stock are two phrases that every retailer dreads. Rightly so, as overstocking can be a waste of space and resources while out-of-stock drives your customer to a competitor. Advanced Xstore technology improves inventory management, keeping track of everything and sharing the data across the board in real time.

Get your orders streamlined.

Organizing inventory is only the first phase of efficient retail practices. Technology-enabled systems help with automatic replenishment without letting Xstores run out of stock. Additionally, virtual shelves improve retailer-vendor relationships.

Enhance security

It’s unrealistic to think that cyber threats won’t occur despite all the security measures you have taken. The Oracle Xstore platform provides a comprehensive set of tools to help retailers secure their data, including a centralized database, advanced encryption, and comprehensive auditing. It offers a sustainable Point-of-Sale system that can handle the increasing demands of customers. There are many such features of this Oracle-powered system, but some of the most notable ones include,

  • An open and extensible platform allowing retailers to integrate it with their existing systems and processes easily – It includes a set of APIs that allow developers to create custom applications on top of the platform. Additionally, the platform can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, allowing retailers to choose the deployment option that best meets their needs.
  • Mobile-enabled allows users to access Oracle Xstore from their mobile devices. This feature provides a mobile-optimized user interface that allows users to view their inventory, create and manage orders, and track sales and customers from their mobile devices. It also allows a retailer to use Xstore without a fixed register and supports different mobile servers. The new features in Oracle Xstore mobile-only stores share peripherals such as payment devices, printers, etc.
  • Enterprise-grade security includes data encryption, user authentication, and authorization, which are essential to retailers of all sizes. These features help to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access and that only authorized users can access the data.
  • Scalable and high-performance with an ability to handle many transactions and process them quickly. It is essential for the retail industry, which needs to process a lot of data rapidly.

Benefits of Oracle Xstore

Some of the benefits of implementing Oracle Xstore to improve retail merchandising include

  • A centralized repository for retail merchandise information to improve the accuracy and consistency of merchandising information across the enterprise
  • Reduced costs of maintaining separate inventories for each retail location by providing a centralized inventory management system
  • Enhanced customer service by providing real-time access to accurate inventory information
  • Enhanced management of their merchandising operations by providing comprehensive reports and analytics on inventory levels, sales, and more

How Aspire Systems helped optimize Oracle Xstore for their client

Aspire Systems recently helped leverage Oracle Xstore for a pop-culture retail merchandiser and resolved long-standing issues. The client is a multi-million-dollar retailer headquartered in California specializing in pop culture merchandising, i.e., selling branded T-shirts from music bands and artists. Most of their Xstores are across shopping malls in various parts of the country.

Some of the challenges faced by the client include:

  • Delayed upgrades
  • Increasing number of unresolved tickets
  • Increased operational costs

The client urgently needed to turn things around without additional losses or downtime during their business hours. They needed Aspire System’s expertise to come up with a solution to get their issues resolved and improve operational efficiency. Aspire started with a small engagement model to determine and resolve the client’s problems and gradually moved on to include application enhancements and end-to-end managed services. They also ensured that all version upgrades adhered to required protocols to minimize, if not eliminate, disruption.

Aspire’s solution brought significant benefits to their client with the following:

  • 80% reduction in the number of incidents
  • Operational efficiency improved by 40%
  • Ticket resolution saw a decreased turnaround time of 25% through automation
  • Overall decrease in operational and maintenance costs.

Implementing Oracle Xstore is the go-to solution for improving operational efficiency and ensuring zero downtime. With global customers and digital sales on the rise, you need to leverage this system to maximize your business performance. But first, you need a deeper understanding of its functionalities and how they can be optimized. If you have an older version of a POS system that needs to be migrated or need to implement a new POS, Oracle Xstore is your answer. That’s where Aspire Systems comes in.

Experts from Aspire Systems use their expertise in Oracle Xstore to:

  • Keep your Oracle Xstore up-to-date with the latest software releases and security updates.
  • Use the built-in merchandising rules to automate and streamline your merchandising processes.
  • Take advantage of powerful search and filtering capabilities to quickly find and display the products your customers are looking for.
  • Use visual merchandising features to create attractive and effective product displays.
  • Use reporting tools to track and analyze your merchandising performance.

With end-to-end managed services, from version upgrades to maintenance and support, troubleshooting where necessary while following requisite protocols, Aspire Systems will ensure zero disruption to your daily operations. Additionally, you substantially reduce the number of incidents, decrease overall operational and maintenance costs, and enable proactive monitoring and automation to prevent future incidents.

To conclude

Whether you are a fashion, product, or merchandising retailer, local or global, having an efficient POS system is crucial. Oracle Retail Xstore POS system is comprehensive, offering automated workflows, inventory visibility, customer data security, and a flexible framework. It has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and automated functions that save time and money. The modern retail POS helps drive customer delight through a unified view of the inventory, and customer, thereby enabling stronger customer relationships and maximized returns. Therefore, the time to bring in Oracle Xstore experts is now.