Are you thinking about introducing your organization to SaaS but are short on information? This article will help you learn all about SaaS, from ground zero to hundred. But before we get to a hundred, let’s start from ground zero and get our basics cleared. So, keep reading to understand SaaS development and learn more about SaaS-based technology and platforms. 

What is Saas?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model of software distribution. In this model, the service cloud provider makes hosted applications available to users on the internet. The SaaS model may allow applications hosted by a third-party cloud-based service provider. These third-party cloud-based providers can host applications if ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) contract them. 

There are three cloud computing categories, and SaaS is the first. The other two categories are; 

● Paas (Platform as a Service).

● IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

The users of SaaS cloud-based applications are;

● Personal Users

● Business Users

● IT Professionals

There are varieties of SaaS products, from simple/personal to complex products like advanced tools for IT. While cloud-based service providers cannot market IaaS and PaaS products to B2C and B2B customers, they can sell SaaS cloud solutions to these users. 

SaaS in Cloud Computing

The growth in the cloud computing industry has coincided with SaaS (Software as a Service). Cloud Computing refers to providing tech services using the internet as a medium. 

There are three aspects of cloud computing;

● Data Storage

● Servers

● Networking

Before SaaS came into the cloud computing industry, organizations that wanted to upgrade their computer software did it through CDs. These CDs usually carried the already downloaded software updates. 

This process of updating used to consume a lot of time and energy. As time went on, SaaS made it possible for these organizations to download updates over the internet. These companies only need to purchase new licenses instead of buying new CDs. 

SaaS Platforms

There are lots of platforms that offer SaaS products in the SaaS industry. These platforms are players in the SaaS market. They can range from sellers of small or single SaaS products to giant SaaS sellers in the industry. 

There are diversities of SaaS platforms offering different products like IT business, video streaming, and analysis tools. SaaS market users can also get applications for primary business operations like email, human resource management, sales management, customer relationship management, finance management, collaboration, and billing. 

In the SaaS market, there are products known as vertical SaaS. These products are SaaS products for Enterprises. SaaS platforms make these products available for unique organizations like medical and insurance companies. 

SaaS Cloud Technology

SaaS platforms today offer services in the cloud. In this model, SaaS users can access services from third-party providers over the internet. In SaaS cloud technology, housing data and apps happen on external servers. The users will not physically install the SaaS apps on their devices. 

The SaaS cloud technology model is a concept beyond basic cloud computing. In this SaaS model, platforms keep data, information, programs, and files in the cloud. Anyone who uses the internet will be able to access these SaaS applications via cloud technology. 

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