The idea of envisioning a digital strategy has been in place ever since the scientists of 20th century designed a basic yet fully functional computing system. But the current buzz about creating a Digital CX strategy revolves around a fully digitized ecosystem that improves usability by putting the customer at the centre of the process.

When it comes to laying out a perfect CX strategy the Internet lights up with countless thoughts and think pieces. If one is to ask if there is any one-size-fits-all solution, the answer would be a big no. Every transformation process is different as any healthy industry has enterprises of many sizes, areas of expertise and geographies to cater. But, irrespective of the diversity, working on Architecture Modernization can be stated as the launch pad for any organization to build their digital CX strategy.

Why is Architecture Modernization important?

Today’s competitive market has left the customers hungry for tailor-made solutions and the leaders are constantly pushing the bar up in terms of customer satisfaction. With such high stakes, Architecture modernization enables the organization to not just improve their overall UX but also creates a climate for improved cost savings, increased security and enhanced analytics.

A 2015 Gartner survey, that studied the spending patterns of worldwide enterprise applications up to 2016, points out that modernization and digital transformation projects are some of the major contributors in organizations’ spending as a long-term investment. In that survey, over 45% of the respondents admitted that application modernization, especially to cloud, is one of their current top-5 IT project priorities.

How can you achieve Architecture Modernization?

The mark of digital maturity is aimed at attaining completely digitized systems, digitally empowered workforce and renewed policies that could withstand the disruptions of the future. Even though a conventional digital CX strategy is all about the customer, the actual architectural transformation is about upgrading the core architecture by changing the way the people, the processes and the policies work within the organization. So the process involves modernizing, by an overall or incremental method, the various elements of an organization viz., systems interacting with people, hardware infrastructure, software, storage, content and security.

Your Digital Nirvana

The evolving digital scenario makes it highly essential for the organizations to secure the bases before they go blazing around the market. This process encourages them to look within their architectural base by learning their business and their people, assessing where they stand in the digital road map and addressing the technological needs to power the process.

The term “architecture modernization” defines not just the technological attempts to stay up to date but also the ideological transformation towards embracing newer policies and programs. Organizations need to think and act a digital way of life to modify or build an architectural base that will be strong enough to hold together every element as they grow and scale for the future.

Interested in knowing more?

The team of digital experts, at Aspire Systems, is conducting a webinar on why it is important for the organizations to look at Architecture Modernization as the bigger picture in the process of digital transformation. With our experience in watching, learning and being a part of digitization, we aim to rest our case with successful digital CX strategy stories that began with the modernized architectural framework.

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Bhargavi Seshadri

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Bhargavi Seshadri