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  1. Optimizing IT infrastructure

    Optimizing IT infrastructure to Achieve Business Goals Seamlessly

    Optimizing IT infrastructure isn’t merely a support system; it’s the strategic backbone of a successful business. Effectively managing hardware, software, network components, and data centers…

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  2. E-Commerce Testing

    The Crucial Role of E-Commerce Testing: Unveiling Key Pain Points and Solutions

    In the fiercely competitive world of e-commerce, every click, scroll, and abandoned cart tells a story. Customers have high expectations for a smooth and intuitive…

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  3. what is composable commerce

    Unlocking the Future of E-Commerce: The Business and Technical Benefits of Composable Commerce

    Digital commerce is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Hence, staying ahead of the curve is more critical than ever. Imagine a world where your e-commerce platform isn’t…

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  4. Transforming IT Infrastructure Management

    A Guideline to Transforming IT Infrastructure Management

    Information Technology (IT) infrastructure management involves overseeing and controlling the hardware, software, and network systems necessary for operating and managing enterprise IT environments. Updating and…

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  5. E-commerce platforms

    From Rigid to Responsive: The Evolution of E-commerce Platforms

    E-commerce has brought about a profound transformation in the retail sector. Today, our daily routines are intertwined with online shopping, offering unparalleled convenience, variety, and…

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  6. Automated Document Extraction

    Unstructured Data Document Extraction: The Why & How

    Extracting useful information from documents with automation is an evolving field. Companies have been automating data extraction for years, but unstructured document processing has proved…

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  7. Document Capture

    Intelligent Capture (IC): The Future of Document Extraction

    Companies handle increasing amounts of data year-on-year. Much of this data is stored in paper documents, and despite digitization, the paper trail is only growing.…

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  8. Seven-Pillars-of-Cloud-Maturity

    How The Seven Pillars of Cloud Maturity Assessment Help Bridge the Cloud Value Gap

    The cloud revolution pledged agility, scalability, and cost savings, yet numerous enterprises, post-migration, find these objectives elusive due to insufficient cloud maturity assessment. The stark…

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  9. SEPA

    How SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is Transforming Businesses

    Introduction  In today’s fast-paced world, people expect quick and easy payment options. SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) delivers just that! Launched in November 2017,…

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  10. SEPA Benefits

    What are the Benefits of using SEPA Instant Payments?

    Key takeaways  SEPA Instant Payments make money/funds transfer faster, safer, and more efficient.   The streamlined process of SEPA Instant makes instant cross-border transactions possible, which was out…

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  11. Augmented Analytics: The next big thing in data analytics

    Today’s enterprises are living in a profitable time; the ones that understand their data call the shots. However, companies are always looking for ways to…

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  12. Why is the C-Suite a Game Changer in Cloud Optimization Services?

    Why is the C-Suite a Game Changer in Cloud Optimization Services?

    As a strategic leader and a technology enthusiast, you are likely aware of the soaring rate at which the cloud optimization services market is growing…

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