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  1. Explore the Out-of-the-Box Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Part 1: Customer Service Center

    What was once considered an acceptable level of enterprise-level customer service might now be termed as unforgettable or dissatisfactory. With the emergence of self-service, many…

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  2. Nearshore Outsourcing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

    You might have heard stories about the challenges of working with offshore partners or you would’ve experienced them yourself. But the truth is by partnering…

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  3. Conversational Commerce Is the Talk of the Town in the World of Digital Retail

    Is the core of today’s retail business all that different from 150 years ago when The Galleria Vittorio – one of the first shopping malls…

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  4. Decoding the Role of Edge Analytics in Unified Commerce

    Establishing the role of edge computing in retail starts with understanding the value of data-rich insights in unified commerce. Retailers have come a long way…

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  5. choosing-the-right-managed-testing-services

    The How-to Guide in Choosing the Right Managed Testing Services Provider

    The world we live in is changing by the minute. Driven by advanced technology built into software applications, it is making people’s daily lifestyle easier,…

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  6. Customer Experience Management

    Customer Experience Management: 7 Hindrances Addressed

    The concept of market research was introduced in the 1920s to enhance and improve the advertising space. Cut to the 1980s, when the term Total…

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  7. Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento to Launch Your Global Stores

    International expansion is among retailers’ top priorities and no wonder, with 45% of global shoppers purchasing goods from overseas stores. It’s time to take some of that…

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  8. Headless Commerce the Magento Way – What You Should Know

    The year 2020 accelerated the commerce industry by a decade, permanently altering the way brands run and grow businesses and the role customers play. If…

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  9. How Retailers Use Consumer Insights to Create Deep-Impact Experiences

    At one point during the 1940s, retailers tried to collect consumer insights by conducting in-depth sessions with customers. Based on Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theories with…

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  10. Why Is Magento the Right Fit for Jewellery Commerce

    Coco Chanel spoke for all womankind when she said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” The world seems to have taken her at…

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  11. PWA on Magento: Why Should Anyone Care?

    A PWA (Progressive Web App) can be a website or an application. Actually, it can do the work of either. Since 2015, PWAs have been…

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  12. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Multisite – Single Realm vs Multiple Realm

    Remember Thor, the Son of Odin and the God of Thunder, who was to be the protector of the nine realms? While realm literally means…

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