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  1. How automation and machine learning

    How automation and machine learning are reshaping cloud cost optimization

    Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular and powerful for businesses, but managing cloud costs can be challenging. However, automation and machine learning (ML) can help…

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  2. software testing

    Why software testing needs to address questions on product resilience

    Software testing is a critical part of any product development process. It ensures that a product meets its desired functionality and performance goals while also…

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  3. How Big Data is Revolutionizing-01

    How Big Data is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management in Retail

    The rise of digital technologies has resulted in an exponential increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data being generated, creating a need for…

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  4. Composable Storefront

    The Art of SLA-ing Your Composable Storefront

    Attention all e-commerce enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) storefront to the next level of performance and customer satisfaction? Then…

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  5. ServiceNow's AI

    5 Ways ServiceNow’s AI can Improve CX for Banks

    Banks must incorporate broad-level thinking while choosing their digital technology stack for customer experience. A survey conducted in 2022 by ServiceNow found that speed became…

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  6. UI/UX Modernization

    UI/UX Modernization-Understanding its need for Business Applications

    Modernization has become integral to business success, and with the digital revolution, businesses have adopted technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.…

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  7. data migration testing

    Why data migration testing can be a game changer

    Data migration testing is a process to ensure that data is accurately and securely transferred from one application or system to another. It is an…

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  8. The Convenience of Contactless: How Technology is Changing the Way We Pay

    When was the last time you found yourself rummaging through your pockets to search for loose change or counting out the correct amount of notes…

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  9. AWS Cool Feature : Cloud Formation

    Any real time application is going to require more than 1 resource for its operation – for example a web application may require loadbalanced webservers,…

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  10. The cost of a cloud security breach

    The cost of a cloud security breach: What you stand to lose & how a detailed cloud strategy can fill these gaps

    Network security is crucial in today’s digital-first world. Technologies like cloud computing, IoT, and edge computing have eased operations and service delivery, but have also…

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  11. Oracle merchandising cloud services

    Streamline your Inventory Management with Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Services (ORMCS) Part II

    The next time you’re up to your elbows in spreadsheets and stock reports, just remember, ORMCS has got your back! Part I of this blog…

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  12. Oracle E-Business Suite

    Exploring the Latest Trends in Oracle E-Business Suite: What You Need to Know

    Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a comprehensive suite of business applications offering a broad range of enterprise functionalities. EBS is a popular enterprise resource planning…

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