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  1. The Connected Store 2.0

    We are now in a digital age where technologies play an integral part of a customer’s life: they are omnipresent but are they omnipotent yet?…

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  2. AI-instincts-insight

    Perspective Instincts to Persistent Insights – Customer Intelligence for Banks with AI

    What are banks really struggling with today? Like almost every other sector of the economy, banking sees data as the new oil – a valuable…

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  3. future-on-platter-fintech-2

    [Podcast] – How Fintechs can Ctrl+Alt+Fix the Banking Space

    Fintech advancement in the banking industry has truly been a mind-blowing revolution. With banks going digital, there is a lot of potential for banks to…

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  4. How can Incremental Test Automation Save Your Money?

    What makes SDLC expensive? In the competitive world of software development, it is more than just benevolence to implement early testing. Most of the successful…

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  5. cambodia-digital-bank

    Digital Banking Around the World – Cambodia

    The concept of digital banking in Cambodia was introduced in 2008, which is 10 years after the rest of the world has embraced the technology.…

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  6. The Unwinding Roadmaps to Endless Customer Retention

    Consumer demands towards IT have dramatically changed over the years. Besides, there is a huge divide between younger and experienced users. A large part of…

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  7. Revolutionary Oracle Point of Service Software for Smart Retailers

    Demanding customer expectations have raised the technological standards in retail stores. Emerging futuristic technologies promise a complete, satisfying customer journey. Amidst the umpteen number of…

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  8. An Ideal Testing Strategy That Can Help Retailers Save Time and Money

    Introduction Retail industry is always the booming sector because of the increasing power of the consumers. Growing technology trends have taken customer experience to a…

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  9. Solving modern IT challenges with Cloud Integration

    Solving modern IT challenges with Cloud Integration

    Solving modern IT challenges with cloud integration Cloud integration is a system of tools and technologies connecting various systems, repositories, applications and IT environments for…

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  10. Choosing the Right DevOps tool for a Successful Continuous Delivery and Automation | Part 3

    In the previous two parts of this 3-part blog series, we have discussed the pros and cons of various DevOps tools available in the market.…

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  11. Empower Commerce with Oracle Retail Omnichannel Suite

    Delivering the ultimate retail omnichannel channel experience requires coherent and seamless data flow across stores, ecommerce, customer relationship, order management, and loss prevention systems. These…

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  12. Artificial-Intelligence-The-Zeus-of-Fintech

    [Podcast]Future on a Platter: Artificial Intelligence: The Zeus of Fintech – Episode 1

    Artificial Intelligence is one of the most alarming and popular emerging financial technologies in the modern age. With the different enterprises spread across different industries,…

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