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  1. How to set up your Online Grocery Store with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    In January 2020 only 5% of grocery purchases were online. Soon COVID-19 crippled the world and grocery stores across the globe experienced unprecedented growth in…

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  2. Digital banking Trends 2022

    A New wave of Digital Banking is on the horizon: Trends that will make a splash in 2022

    Only a few years ago, technology was a huge disruptor in the banking industry. While the pandemic has hastened the deployment of technology across businesses…

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  3. Don’t forget these 3 crucial factors during your insurance digital transformation

    Well-engineered digital transformation solutions can make or break the moment. Get our experts at Aspire to help you with it.  Digital services are no longer…

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  4. CloudFormation vs Terraform

    CloudFormation vs Terraform: A Comparative Study

    Constructing and managing your cloud infrastructure manually can be a quite daunting task especially when you are operating as a distributed team. Being forced to…

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  5. How to enhance CX with AI driven recommendations – A B2C business POV

    Aspire’s Krishnan Jayaraman Vice President & Business Head – Data Analytics and RPA sat down with Krish Lakshminarayanan Vice President – Digital Engineering & Advanced…

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  6. State of E-commerce 2022: Navigating the ‘New Normal’ of B2C Commerce

    The global commerce landscape was on the verge of transformation and the outbreak of COVID-19 accelerated the entire process. It proved all assumptions wrong and…

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  7. RPA trends

    7 RPA trends for 2022 we are betting on

    Robotics Process Automation will continue to play a critical role in the digital transformation technology stack in 2022. It is all set to mature in…

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  8. devOps testing strategy

    What are the Best Practices for DevOps Testing Strategy?

    A successful DevOps testing strategy begins with an agile best practice of Continuous Integration (CI), where developers check their code in a shared repository throughout…

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  9. Digital Banking Trends 2022

    9 Banking Trends that will shape the digital revolution in 2022

    Digitalization has altered how we see Banking, especially in the last couple of years given the growing need for digital banking platforms in the backdrop…

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  10. AWS EKS vs ECS vs Fargate

    AWS EKS vs ECS vs Fargate: Which one is right for you?

    If you are looking for a multitude of container orchestration offerings, AWS provides best-in-class services for managing and deploying containers, 3 among them being Elastic…

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  11. Continuous Testing

    6 Ways Continuous Testing Can Prevent Disasters on Your Software Journey  

    Continuous testing is an effective way to support, enhance, and hasten DevOps pipelines. It relies heavily on automation to execute part of the software delivery…

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  12. Credit Union Technology Trends

    8 Credit Union Technology Trends you cannot skip in 2022

    The rising use of digital banking, the advent of new technologies, the blurring of industry ecosystems, and a greater emphasis on innovation are all producing…

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