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  1. The Age of Engagement: High-touch Customer Experience in a Digital World

    Consumers today travel a far more complex road than the traditional marketing funnel largely due to the emergence of technologies. Unlocking our customers’ path to…

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  2. Testing POS Systems

    Testing POS Systems The Right Way

    We all know about the rapid growth and popularity that e-commerce websites have gained in recent times. One of the primary reasons behind this popularity…

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  3. Unlock the 360-degree customer view with iPaaS: Make every interaction count

    If you have been a part of any of your retail organization’s digital transformation initiatives, you may already know the importance of building a 360-degree…

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  4. Containers’ security: A critical control in DevOps implementation.

    Adopting containers is a simple way to easily deploy applications to cloud. Although, more than 78% of enterprises are adopting DevOps , security challenges continue…

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  5. Software testing trends 2020

    Top 5 Software Testing Trends in 2020

    Of late, large organizations have software applications as their foundation to build, design, develop, and maintain business since more and more firms are reaching out…

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  6. Omni channel-retail

    Why retail brands are gunning for iPaaS-led omnichannel integration

    In the digital age of retail, to understand and empower customers based on their needs is an ongoing priority. It is common knowledge that customers…

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  7. AvePoint ShareGate and Metalogix sharepoint migration tool for your business

    AvePoint, ShareGate, and Metalogix – Selecting the right SharePoint migration tool for your business

    Using a migration tool can give you a lot of advantages during your SharePoint migration. If you have huge data sets to move, relying on…

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  8. how rpa finance and accounting can save 300k every year

    How RPA in Finance & Accounting Can Save $300K Every Year

    The accounts receivable (AR) is perhaps the most instrumental process for any organization. The reason behind it is that inappropriate AR management could result in…

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  9. OCAPI 19.10- What’s new?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s platform surfaces a full set of RESTful Open Commerce API’s (OCAPI). Open Commerce API allows external web applications to interface with core…

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  10. Aptos POS_Retailers

    Testing Aptos Point of Sale(POS) Software for Smart Retailers

    Aptos is a Point Of Sale (POS) software solution that is widely accepted by retailers and growing multifold year on year. These Aptos POS transaction…

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  11. sharepoint online migration top 8 challenges and its solutions

    Top 8 Challenges faced during SharePoint Online Migration and its Solutions

    Planning to migrate your older on-prem SharePoint version to SharePoint online? Then this blog will shed light on the possible challenges/ issues you might come…

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  12. Accelerate digital transformation with dell boomi

    5 New Year Resolutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Dell Boomi in 2020

    We have reached that time of the year when everyone is getting ready to make life-changing resolutions. The B2B world is no different. From the…

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