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  1. Combat Ecommerce Testing Challenges with DCqaf

    With $50 billion+ in gross transactions, more and more retailers are relying on the Magento platform because of the unconquered end-user experience that it provides.…

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  2. Holiday Readiness 101: Drive more sales this December

    The holiday season is the most wonderful—and the most challenging—time of the year for  retailers as it leads to increased traffic both in store and…

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  3. Magento Miniseries: Increase your Business Growth Curve with Magento 2.0

    M2 is finally here and the reasons for upgrading are numerous and worthy!  Magento 2 has brought in major improvements on a technological level in…

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  4. Take enterprise integration to the next level with new-age voice solutions

    Take enterprise integration to the next level with new-age voice solutions

    Voice-based integration has been evolving for more than a century, from clunky old school phones to the latest voice assistants. They have been transforming how…

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  5. 5-step approach for successful RPA implementation

    5-step approach for successful RPA implementation

    The Evolution Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been playing a crucial role in the evolution of the modern workforce. RPA helps streamline tedious processes, thus…

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  6. Real Estate Software

    iEstate – Integrated ERP Software For Real Estate

    Modern real estate businesses have new functional areas, which makes them complex and dynamic in nature. Key stakeholders like property developers, real estate companies and…

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  7. AI in Retail Testing- Challenges and Solutions

    In the previous blog, we had covered the applications of AI in e-commerce testing and how it is used to enhance the testing process through…

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  8. Magento Miniseries: SEO & Performance Improvements with Magento 2

    In The Minds Of Potential Buyers, A Slow Site Is A Non-Trusted Site! We all expect online stores to be fast. As the world becomes…

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  9. Getting Real with Containers – How to ace the pace of cloud migration

    Container packs up all codes and its dependencies aid applications to run effectively at high speed from one environment to the other. It segregates concerns…

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  10. Robots-at-banks

    Robots at Banks, A Closer Look, A Deeper Perspective

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a true genius that’s present itself in the form of technological advancements in this decade. The fact that RPA drives…

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  11. Magento Miniseries: Theme Migration to Magento 2- The Ultimate Guide

    Magento 2 migration involves migration of the following components: Data Migration, Extensions & Custom Code migration, Themes and customizations migration In the previous blog, we…

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  12. Get your eCommerce website ‘crash proof’ this holiday season

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” The holidays are around the corner and your customers are more than excited to buy their favorite…

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