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  1. cloud-native-application-development-trends-2023

    Cloud Native Application Development Trends in 2023

    Many businesses are well on their way to adopting cloud-native application development to stay competitive and meet customer needs. And the cloud native application development…

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  2. Oracle Retail: The complete must-have solution for retailers

    Oracle Retail: The complete must-have solution for retailers

    Today’s retail landscape is highly competitive, and to stay ahead, retailers need to have a robust and reliable technology infrastructure in place. Oracle is a…

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  3. Take retail merchandising to new heights with Oracle Xstore

    Take retail merchandising to new heights with Oracle Xstore

    If you’re in the retail business, you know how important it is to have a well-run and organized operation. As retailers, you also know that…

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  4. cybersecurity

    It’s a cyberwar, are you protected enough?

    Last month, when Australia’s largest private insurance service provider Medibank faced a cyber breach it exposed the personal and health claims data of the company’s…

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  5. ServiceNow AI

    Future-proof insurance underwriting with ServiceNow AI

    ServiceNow AI solutions are rewriting the rules of insurance underwriting. Yet, most insurers are still wary of writing off traditional underwriting practices and are weighed…

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  6. SaaS and Cloud

    SaaS vs Cloud: The Differences You May Not Know

    It’s no wonder that 38% of companies are, as of 2022, almost completely running on SaaS applications according to a report by Devsquad. There are…

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  7. Tap-the-Phone-–-The-Latest-Payments-Game-Changer

    Tap the Phone – The Latest Payments Game Changer

    In this technologically advanced world, the methods used for making payments has become so exceptional that instant payments has become completely effortless. Right from small…

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  8. Cloud Native Platforms Embracing the Future

    How Cloud Native Platforms are Embracing the Future for Better Business Growth?

    You need cloud-native solutions if you want to digitally transform your business or achieve your goals while delivering new features faster. The reason is simple…

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  9. Core insurance systems

    Accelerate your digital underwriting journey with a ServiceNow overhaul of core insurance systems

    Insurers are being bombarded left, right and center on the need for digital underwriting. Traditional core insurance systems have turned obsolete. Why then is the…

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  10. Cybersecurity-services

    AI/ML: Smart locks of the cybersecurity vault

    $3.86 million and more than six months’ worth of work – that’s the cost of a standard data breach, shows a report by Norton. Add…

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  11. Cloud-Based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Technology

    An Out and Out Guide to Cloud-Based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Technology

    Are you thinking about introducing your organization to SaaS but are short on information? This article will help you learn all about SaaS, from ground…

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  12. An organization’s journey to success with Fintech Solutions

    Cloud Transformation helps this financial wellness provider improve their customer experience

    Haven’t we all understood that Fintech has been a successful disruptive business innovation that has definitely helped the people make easy and quick financial transactions…

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