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  1. Oracle Xstore V18 – The Next Big Thing Which Empowers Retailers

    Retail has undergone several transformations driven by customer expectations. As customers continuously search for new-fashioned ways to research, shop, purchase, monitor and return merchandise, retailers have had…

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  2. RPA, the X-Factor for Erasing Order to Cash Processing Challenges

    The 21st century has drawn industries closer to the definitive approach of providing unreal and rich customer experiences. Hence, it is of no surprise that…

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  3. Switzerland’s-Digital-Banking-Journey

    From Secret to Open: Switzerland’s Digital Banking Journey

    Switzerland – The emblematic destination for chocolates, watches and of course, “Banking”, is obviously the go-to place to explore banking innovation and understand how digital…

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  4. The Connected Store 2.0 – Endless Self-service Possibilities

    The time has come for stores to be completely run by technology. These technology-run stores are basically self-service stores that give a myriad of benefits…

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  5. Re-engineering for Containerization

    Strategies to Re-Engineer Applications for Containerization

    Introduction If you are a software developer or a user who works with developers, there are several instances that could remind you the phrase, “When…

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  6. Test Automation Orchestrations Made Simple for Oracle Applications

    The Challenge Organizations which leveraged manual testing for Oracle ERP solutions, was in a transitional need of automation, to cater to the high number of…

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  7. Streamlining Supply Chains with Robotic Process Automation

    Luckily, in this era, no one has to or rather should be leaving the growth and success of their business in human hands alone. One…

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  8. Microservices Antipatterns

    Microservices Antipatterns- Avoiding Pitfalls and Driving Stability

    Microservices architecture has many advantages like easy maintenance and loosely coupled architecture, etc. They can be independently developed, tested, deployed and have a clear definitions…

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  9. Release Management – The Way Businesses Magnify their Value and ROI

      The best practice of any operation is far from revolution but you can always make the best use of the system that you have. …

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  10. The Connected Store 2.0 – In-store Customer Experience

    Customers definitely carry the experience they had in the store along with their products. And great customer experience is the sole reason for customer loyalty.…

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  11. Branch-to-branchless-canada

    From Branch to Branchless: Canada’s Digital Banking Journey

    According to Canadian Bankers Association, more than 68% Canadians preferred online banking in 2017 and the number has only increased ever since. The convenience, attractive…

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  12. sfra

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Why is SFRA crucial for your business?

    Imagine having a complete, highly customized, scalable and fully functional online storefront ready, within just a few weeks, without having to go through a lot…

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