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  1. Ways to Prevent your Site from Crashing this Holiday Season

    With the holiday season round the corner, it will not be a surprise if some of the ecommerce sites collapse when a trillion of shoppers…

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  2. Piloting a Shift Left Approach from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

    Every business goes through a transformation, a transformation that takes place as technologies improvise on their previous update. As each improvisation on technology takes place,…

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  3. Choosing the Right DevOps tool for a Successful CI/CD and Automation –Benefits and Disadvantages

    DevOps has become much more than a just trend, it has evolved as a survival kit for enterprises and ISVs. As it continues to mature,…

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  4. Gear Up for 2019 with Intelligent Automation Financial Services

    With the sudden wave of transformation across the financial landscape, there is extreme pressure on companies to remove repetitive and monotonous tasks with robotic process…

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  5. Aspire Systems @ NRF 2019 – Platform Enablers for Elevated Customer Experience

    The ushering in of the New Year calls for the grand retail event, NRF. The big retail show is scheduled from January 13 – 15,…

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  6. Wishing A Merry Pre-Holiday Audit For Your eCommerce Platform

    Holiday season is the time to celebrate and jump around with joy! It is also the time to stop, look back and retrospect. Look back…

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  7. AI-ML-Customer-intelligence

    Why banks should have AI based Customer Intelligence?

    AI/ML based Customer Intelligence should be at the core of banks technology strategy! New technology advances have given banks access to exponentially more data about…

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  8. retire legacy biztalk server to upgrade boomi

    It Is Time to Retire Your Legacy BizTalk Server and Upgrade to Boomi

    In recent times, emergence of new organizations is comparatively higher than ever before. The notable fact is that many of these organizations are being successful…

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  9. Digital Commerce from a Software QA perspective

    Top Online retail giants such as Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba are trailblazers who defined digital commerce. From a pure website-based commerce more than a decade ago…

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  10. ipaas platform

    Why, How & When to use iPaaS platform

    Enterprise IT is going through a revolutionary change. To remain relevant, businesses need to embrace integration platforms that can support both current and next gen…

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  11. Top 9 necessary optimizations for your Ecommerce UX Audit – Part 3

    We have seen in our first two blogs, Top 9 necessary optimizations for your Ecommerce Audit – Part 1, Part 2 the first and second…

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  12. Why Automation of Active Directory is crucial to your IT?

    Active Directory is essentially a service that enables the interconnection of a multitude of network resources. It is utilized by systems administrators to manage the…

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