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  1. Progressive Web Applications – The future of MCommerce

    According to Aberdeen Group, companies with omnichannel engagement strategies enjoy an average of 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue. Omnipresence is the secret mantra. But…

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  2. Architecture Modernization

    Modern Architectural Innovations for Digital Success

    The idea of envisioning a digital strategy has been in place ever since the scientists of 20th century designed a basic yet fully functional computing…

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  3. Containerization and DevOps- The Ingredient and The Marvel!

    Containers are regarded as a key component in DevOps. But, what makes them such an important ingredient? How does it relate to the DevOps methodology?…

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  4. smart retail

    Intelligent Personalization: A Way Forward for the Retail Industry

    Gone are the days where segmentation was the only method used to improve customer experience and engagement on E-commerce sites. There is something much bigger…

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  5. Episerver cloud services

    Taking Advantage of Episerver’s Cloud Services

    Enterprise cloud computing has been gaining popularity at a faster pace than many would have predicted. Research by Bain indicates that 16% of total amount…

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  6. DevSecOps – The Best Practices and Business Benefits

    Are we doing everything we can to avoid Risk? This is an unanswered and alarming question that resonates in our mind as our insecurity on…

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  7. Reach your Target audience

    Reach Out Your Target Audience with Episerver’s – Advanced Social Reach Platform

    Over the past decade, many businesses have turned to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to create a buzz around their product. But…

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  8. Visual Search

    Visual Commerce In 2018: Capture, Upload And Shop!

    Every retailer’s end goal is to make their customers happy, and build a good business. This is possible only if a retailer steps inside the…

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  9. Voice Activated Shopping Assistants- Must Have for the Millennials & the Mature

    It’s a dream come true for every consumer now that we have VUI (voice user interface) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based assistants helping us find…

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  10. The Challenges Faced by Today’s Quality Assurance Practices

    Quality is the key-word for gaining customer satisfaction and approval, and it is the main ingredient that has been mulled over again and again by…

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  11. Customer-dissatisfication-banks

    Strategies Community Banks Cannot Ignore to Survive the Digital Age- An Interview with Kevin Tynan from Liberty Bank of Savings

    As digital technologies are creating exciting opportunities for financial institutions to position themselves for the future, the winners will be the ones who can succeed…

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  12. The impact of customer engagement on digital product engineering

    There are usage analytics to measure customer engagement like sales conversion for CRM software, successful leads, heat mapping and End-Sales Funnel. There are organized methods…

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