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  1. Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity

    Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity

    Businesses are hit by Cyberattacks every day. Cybersecurity teams are flooded with alerts 24/7. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, organizations experienced more…

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  2. IoT with 5G Network

    IoT with 5G Network: The New Era of Technology and Risks

    5G connections are estimated to grow to 1.8 billion by 2025, according to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Association. The 5G IoT market valuation…

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  3. Serverless vs Containers

    Serverless vs Containers, which one to choose?

    ‘Containers’ and ‘Serverless’ are two of the most trending technologies used by DevOps teams for quick and efficient deployment of applications. Though Containers and Serverless…

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  4. Cloud Migration Strategies: The 6 Rs

    What is your Cloud Migration Strategy?

    If you’re here, you’ve probably already considered the benefits of cloud computing – lower operational costs, tighter security, better accessibility, scalable growth and of course,…

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  5. test automation

    Reduce the Overall Cost of Quality with Incremental Test Automation

    How incremental test automation helps to reduce the overall CoQ (Cost of Quality)   AI-powered test automation has become a catalyst for transformation in software testing since it allows enterprises to be agile…

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  6. ServiceNow HRSD

    How ServiceNow HRSD can help you increase productivity by 60%?

    If you are considering to adopt a HR service management platform to improve your employee engagement and upgrade to a truly modern experience, ServiceNow HR…

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  7. What’s new, what’s out: major updates from the latest version of Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Services

    Boasting the twin perks of highly credible performance and competitive pricing, Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Services (RMFCS) has become one of the most widely…

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  8. Neobanks vs Challenger Banks

    Digital Banking Reimagined: Neobanks vs Challenger Banks

    Both traditional and digital financial institutions have been steadily striving to align their products and services with customers’ evolving needs and expectations. Regardless of the…

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  9. Test Automation on Banking

    Disrupting the Disruption in Banking with Test Automation

    Today’s economic and competitive landscape is making the status quo unsustainable for the banking world. Additionally, the macroeconomic plummet brought along by the pandemic continues…

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  10. RPA in cybersecurity

    RPA in cybersecurity the need of the pandemic hour

    Cybercrime has shot up about 600% due to the pandemic, according to research by top Cybersecurity firms. As stated in World Economic Forum Global Risks…

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  11. Meet Aspire Systems at Guidewire Connections 2021 and reimagine insurance experiences

    As one of America’s important financial, commercial, and cultural centers, Las Vegas is known by many names. Besides the more obvious ones, it is also…

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  12. Unhacked-Cybersecurity

    Unhacked! The Hows and Whys to Cybersecurity

    With the cybercrime rate expected to reach $6 trillion by end of 2021, the global cybersecurity market is expected to grow exponentially to $170.4 billion…

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