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  1. Revolutionize DevOps practice with the templated approach- Essence of an aspiring guide.

    All high-functional companies follow a standard plan that details the operation and accomplishments of their goals. In this era of technology, consistency in meeting the…

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  2. Temenos-t24-transact

    Temenos T24 Transact – The Core Banking System for Startup Banks

    We live in an increasingly dynamic world where everything is digital while we’re on a pathway daily exposing us to new innovations. Between customers’ demand…

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  3. how-rpa-transforming-erp

    How Robotic Process Automation is transforming ERP?

    Today’s fast-paced digital economy coerces organizations to deliver business agility. In fact, the difference between a thriving business and the one that is not; is…

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  4. data-lake-gold

    Data lake can be foundation for AI/ML initiative for Banks

    Banking & Financial Services industry is going through severe disruption and transformation. There is a growing real-time threat from fintech’s who are nimble and have…

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  5. Leverage the new agile development that Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud provides

    Retail today, is highly dynamic because consumers have become more tech-savvy than before. Cutting edge competition pushes retailers to adapt to emerging trends, streamline their…

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  6. Customer-segmentaion-AI

    How AI can Transform Customer Segmentation and Conversions

    More than 40% of marketers are looking at using AI for customer segmentation.  AI improves targeting, personalization, and engagement. It gives banks more time to…

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  7. Boomi netsuite integration best practices to follow during your netsuite project

    Boomi NetSuite Integration – Best practices to follow during your Netsuite project

    NetSuite, a cloud-based business management application helps a lot of companies to manage their ERP, CRM, Automation and eCommerce. With users across different departments, it…

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  8. Cloud-banking-solution-FOAP-4

    [Podcast] – Get your Keys on Cloud 9 by Banking in Cloud – Episode 4 | Future on a Platter

    Migration to cloud has been spoken about greatly in the banking arena. However with the migration of cloud in banking, come several benefits and challenges.…

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  9. red-queen's-race

    Role of AI in Banking’s – “Red Queen Race”

    In the past few years, banks have been trying to gain a competitive advantage in the banking industry. However without the proper influx of technology…

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  10. Saga the key differentiator of Microservices

    Saga – The key differentiator of Microservices

    One of the key challenges of the Microservices Architecture is in dealing with data consistency. In a Monolithic Application, it is possible to achieve data…

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  11. The Connected Store 2.0 – Mapping & Tracking Customer Frequency

    Technologies in Retail have evolved, but has it evolved to the extent of driving more foot traffic? Influencing new customers who are in the same…

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  12. Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) – What are the things you need to consider while you make a move?

    Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), the newest platform of SFCC provides retailers a starting point for Webstore. It is synonymous with an out-of-the-box and best-in-class experience.…

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