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    Strategies Community Banks Cannot Ignore to Survive the Digital Age- An Interview with Kevin Tynan from Liberty Bank of Savings

    As digital technologies are creating exciting opportunities for financial institutions to position themselves for the future, the winners will be the ones who can succeed…

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  2. 5 Ways Robotic Process Automation Sets the Financial Process Drivers in Motion

    According to the Q1 2017 Forrester Wave report on robotic process automation (RPA), enterprises are under immense pressure to digitize operations, and most see RPA as a…

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  3. Redefine your Testing Practices with Hyper-Testing

    Hyper-Testing- Your One-Stop Quality Engineering Hub Winning and losing the business depends on the quality and time taken to deliver what the customer needs.  It…

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  4. DevOps with Analytics, they go like bread & butter!

    If there is one thing that can significantly alter the way we interact with systems, it’s DevOps based on Analytics. Though many organizations have just…

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  5. Top 4 Oracle Retail MOM Consulting Accelerators for Retailers

    Most of the leading retailers use some retailing suite or the other to handle their business operations accurately. Survival without a proper solution, to handle…

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  6. Salesforce Commerce Cloud support models – which is your best fit?

    E-commerce is progressing at a quick pace, driven by high customer demand. Retailers have understood that unified customer experience is the need of the hour.…

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  7. How to implement a robust Retail POS Automation testing strategy

    Customers shopping experience has been enhanced by retailers with sophisticated offerings such as multiple payment modes, self-service kiosks, gift cards or loyalty programs. Point of…

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    POS Test Automation Challenges and Strategies

    As mentioned in my earlier blog post(POS Testing – Part 1), in competitive business such as retail, POS can be a key differentiator. It is…

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  9. POS Testing Challenges and Solutions

    Read this blog to understand the importance of POS and how testing it manually can bring about a lot of challenges. Also, watch this video,…

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  10. Transformation of POS systems- A serious challenge for Testing

    Retail has been disrupted by the massive transformative power of digital. And point of sale systems are now a key differentiator for retailers. In this…

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  11. How Robotic Process Automation Renounces Swivel Chair Automation with a Digital Workforce

    If you are someone who’s been following digitech trends for the past few years, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) wouldn’t be an unfamiliar term. RPA is…

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  12. PRIOS & Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware)-A Match Made in Heaven

    Why is it such a great match you must be wondering? The answer is this pair could be a very big boon for both the…

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