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  1. Boomi World 2018

    Build your Customer 360 at Boomi World 2018

    The annual Boomi World conference will take place at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas from November 5 – 7 2018 where the global Boomi community,…

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  2. 3 Success Areas for Robotic Process Automation in Retail

    Retail is one of the fastest growing industries. According to a report by eMarketer, the retail industry is expected to reach a mark of $27.7…

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  3. How to apply a templated approach to Release Management?

    Over the years, Software development has witnessed many disruptions and played a major role in digital transformation of many enterprises. It has penetrated into all…

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  4. gamification

    How can Banks Design Digital Journeys Through Gamification

    Gamification is not a new concept. Its been part of our daily life for most part of our Adulthood. For example, Frequent flyer mails, hotel…

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  5. The case for Automated Testing in Banks

    Digitization has changed the banking technology landscape and has created a unique set of challenges. There has been a huge increase in the number of…

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  6. Data integration

    Data Integration Simplified

    The priority to generate additional value from multiple data sources for organizations is rising. They are not just historical data or real-stream data but even…

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  7. Why CIOs need to adopt containers?

    Being part of the C- level suite in the IT space, wondering about 3-5-year technology roadmap can be daunting. Technology has become complex not simple.…

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  8. Top 9 necessary optimizations for your Ecommerce UX Audit – Part 1

    User Experience has the ability to make or break any website, especially an ecommerce one. For any ecommerce business, UI/UX is where the customer conversation…

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  9. Role of Master Data Management in integrating data from disparate systems

    Master Data Management (MDM) is a data governance process in which business units and IT departments collaborate, cleanse, enrich, publish and protect common information entities…

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  10. A CFO Survival Checklist for Integrated Cloud Service Migration

    A CFO Survival Checklist for Integrated Cloud Service Migration

    Frontier Firms, or the top 5% of companies across industries, are trend setters in setting the pace for productivity and profitability of any industry. The…

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  11. Top 10 updates you should know about ServiceNow’s London Release

    ServiceNow’s latest London release, takes the ideology of efficiency to the next level, with features that resolve problems even more quickly and easily. A cloud-based…

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  12. The Need for an Integrated Quality Engineering Solution for your Business

    The quality of the product plays a vital role in winning businesses and customers. In order to do so, IT firms need to have a…

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