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  1. RPA inventory management operations in stores and ecommerce

    How RPA can streamline inventory management operations in stores and e-commerce platforms?

    Enterprises have started realizing the potential and capabilities of deploying RPA solutions in their business operations. That is why the applications of RPA are extending…

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  2. Testing-digital-banking

    Testing the Digital Banking Movement, an August Approach

    The digital movement at banks is truly up and running in 2019. Banks are focusing on moving digital and becoming mobile friendly. Some traditional banks…

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  3. Major highlights of ServiceNow New York release – on a silver platter

    In case you are new to the ServiceNow community, you should know that ServiceNow rolls out their major releases twice a year – generally in…

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  4. Magento Miniseries: Deliver Unified Commerce with Magento 2 platform

    Unified commerce Experience (UCE) is the latest Buzzword in the E-commerce and none other than Magento Commerce Cloud is a sure contender in this space.…

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  5. ank’s Strategy Data Security vs CX

    [Podcast] – Kindle Your Bank’s Strategy Data Security vs CX – Ep 7 | Future on a Platter

    In a world of priorities, banks are trying to enhance their customer’s experience through digital principles and enhanced security features. With the presence of so…

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  6. Magento Miniseries: B2B Features that will scale your Ecommerce

    Magento has always been a forerunner in the B2B space. With its current 2.X version, B2B offering is strengthened through innovative features, integration capabilities and…

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  7. Boomi World 2019

    Meet Aspire Systems at Boomi World 2019 and maximize the business value of your digital assets through APIs

    Over the years, the role of APIs in creating business impact has been redefined. From its humble beginnings in the 60s and 70s, APIs have…

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  8. Headless in SFCC, why should you consider?

    As new customer experience touchpoints emerge and shopper expectations evolve, e-commerce is the last place any company can afford to lose flexibility and agility. To…

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  9. Magento Miniseries : 5 Magento Personalization Strategy essentials for superior CX

    Customer attention and loyalty are the most important challenges ahead for online retailers. Slashed prices and decent products descriptions aren’t good enough anymore. You need…

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  10. Cognitive Automation: The Convergence of AI and RPA in Banks

    Cognitive Automation has been termed by experts as the key holding the clues to the Future of Banking and Banking through your pocket. Aspire Systems…

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  11. Continuous-deployment-with-devops

    Continuous Deployment with DevOps: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Temenos T24 Users

    Continuous Deployment with DevOps: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Temenos T24 Users zDoes an exhaustive delivery process in getting your product or service with an unimpressive…

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  12. Performance Engineering Importance

    Performance Engineering – A One-Stop Solution for All Your Scalability, Reliability, and Capability Challenges

    The biggest challenge or dream for any organization is to deliver error-free software applications to their customers at the promised time. In spite of several…

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