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  1. How serverless computing in DevOps impacts the IT landscape

    Organizations around the world spend huge amounts of time and money in innovating technologies and improving application performance. Time may fly but technology is here…

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  2. Future of Real-Estate PropTech is on the Cloud

    The real estate sector in the country has evolved in the past few years. With the world changing and technology evolving, the key to success…

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  3. Impact of Covid-19 on the Retail Industry

    The global spread of COVID-19 since January 2020 is resulting in a slowdown in economic activity across the world. While COVID-19 spreads globally, the retail…

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  4. oracle-erp-cloud-min

    Oracle ERP Cloud is the 2019 Leader According to Gartner ranking

    Last year, Oracle solutions were again awarded the title of Leader by the International Analytical and Research Agency Gartner in the major categories such as…

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  5. Changing the face of CX with AI-powered Chatbots

    Chatbots in retail are enjoying a surge due to the omnipresence of messaging apps. Retailers are using these platforms to bridge the gap between online…

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  6. Transforming Accounts Receivables in Oracle Financials with RPA

    Transforming Accounts Receivables in Oracle Financials with RPA

    Businesses today are facing many challenges when it comes to their Account Receivable Processes. Most of their Account Receivable departments are understaffed and thereby makes…

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  7. Top trends of DevOps in 2020: The next ‘Big Thing’ in business

    The DevOps market is all set to hit a growth rate of 24% approximately yielding USD 10.3 billion by 2023. Due to growing need for…

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  8. The Future is Sensory Search

    Sensory search is the act of searching the internet for something using a picture or your voice. Sensory search opens new possibilities and enables users to pick…

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  9. RPA Process Discovery Tool

    How RPA Process Discovery Tool Saves 60% of Automation Projects

    Business automation and digital transformation are more than just modern technology trends. In fact, they serve as the trump cards to revolutionizing technology the way…

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  10. Is Design Thinking New wine in an Old Bottle?

    In a quest to navigate turbulent markets and deliver good services, organizations have adopted various approaches to optimize workflows, achieve adaptability, and foster innovation.  Design…

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  11. AFTA 3.0_Test Automation Frrameworks

    Introduction to Next-Gen AI-Led Test Automation Framework: AFTA 3.0

    A sturdy test automation framework is the most important integrant that helps testers with guidelines or protocols to leverage reusable automated tests rapidly and reliably…

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  12. Reboot Retail with Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality will be among the biggest trends transforming retail. In the coming years, shopping malls will evolve as people come to shop not merely…

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