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  1. In-Stores or Indoors – A Wave of Change for APAC Retailers!

    In years to come, 2020 will be remembered as the year that altered everything. COVID-19 has sparked an increase in digital commerce and has hastened…

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  2. Kubernetes Versus Docker Swarm

    Kubernetes Versus Docker Swarm: Which One to Use?

    Container Orchestration: Kubernetes & Docker Swarm Kubernetes and Docker Swarm dominate the rapidly evolving container orchestration market, but which one should you choose? Today, app…

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  3. Modernization

    UI modernization boosts performance of Digital Forensics web application by 40%

    Introduction Digital forensic tools helps law enforcement agencies to analyze digital devices such as computers, mobile phones and network communications, recover materials from them to…

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  4. 7 Key Factors to Consider Before Modernizing Your Legacy Application

    7 Key Factors to Consider Before Modernizing your Legacy Application

    Introduction The most obvious obstacle for modernizing legacy applications is the inability of an organization to provide the foundational elements such as infrastructure and frameworks…

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  5. How to Attract and Retain Customers Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Campaigns and Promotions

    A study by Claremount Graduate University proved that shoppers who get coupons or discounts are happier, less stressed, and are less anxious. The study also…

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  6. container vs virtual machine

    Container Vs Virtual Machine (VM) – Which is the Better Option?

    Both Containers and Virtual Machines are used to create isolated virtual environments for developing and testing applications or software. As Microservices have started gaining immense…

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  7. Is Being Digitally Fluid the Only Way Forward? Ensure Sustainable Growth for Your Business Post-COVID-19 World

    [Podcast] – Is Being Digitally Fluid the Only Way Forward? Ensure Sustainable Growth for Your Business Post-COVID-19 World

    If there is one solid global takeaway from the last couple of years for businesses is to adhere to adapting a digitally fluid future. Businesses…

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  8. Turn Customers into Brand Advocates with This Simple Guide to Creating Loyalty Programs Using SFCC

    Walt Disney famously said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. What the creator…

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  9. Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

    3 Obvious Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

    Introduction Smart organizations know when to delegate in order to improve their business value. Delegating within and in countries many time zones away can be…

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  10. ServiceNow Support Service Partner

    How ServiceNow’s managed support services propel your business forward

    ServiceNow landscape is changing by the day and often companies find themselves struggling to cope with changes. With a ServiceNow support partner, the heavy lifting…

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  11. How Magento Crafts Unique Checkout Strategies for Different Businesses?

    The eCommerce market is rapidly growing. But reports say, 18% of shoppers abandon their cart due to complicated checkout. Clunky and time-consuming checkout process causes…

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  12. 4 Ways Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud Einstein Improves CX

    The innovative Commerce Cloud Einstein (CCE) AI by Salesforce gives companies the power to provide customers with product recommendations based on customer behavior and buying…

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