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  1. Cognitive Managed Services

    Reduce time-to-market by up to 50% with Cognitive Managed Services

    In this dynamic world, the only constant is evolution and banks are no stranger to this concept. For example, remember the time when we had…

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  2. ServiceNow ITOM

    How ServiceNow uses ITOM to reduce P1 and P2 incidents

    Introduction IT operations management (ITOM) is the administrative area involving technology infrastructure components and the requirements of individual applications, services, storage, networking and connectivity elements within an organization.…

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  3. ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite application

    How ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace suite application can ensure a safe work environment?

    Irrespective of the industry, workplace safety is a vital entity in a professional setup. When somebody leaves for work, their dear and near expect them…

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  4. ServiceNow Now create

    How to deliver successful projects on the ServiceNow platform?

    Now create gives partners a framework for delivering successful projects based on ServiceNow’s past methodologies compiled as a best practice to leverage and utilize them…

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  5. Free Webinar:A Retailer’s Guide to Optimize Assortment to Meet Consumer Demand

    Everything You Need to Understand on How to Effectively Manage Your Store Capacity, Plan Your Assortments & the Role of AI & Customer Science in…

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  6. Bringing the shopper back to the physical store: 5 ways to minimize risk for your consumers

    It is true that retailers once enjoyed the privilege of providing great in-store experiences and proved to be a major source of revenue for them.…

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  7. IT application management services

    5 benefits of having an AI driven AMS within your enterprise

    We all love ROIs. Human minds are driven by ROIs, be it getting the cheapest deal for your favorite mobile phone in the flash sale…

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  8. Protocol-based Performance Testing

    How to make the Shift beyond Protocol-based Performance Testing

    Imagine this: You are getting ready for the launch of your favorite brand of mobile phones and when pre-orders begin, like many others, you are…

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  9. Build your 2021 roadmap for Property Management

    Build your 2021 roadmap for Property Management

    Has the COVID-19 contagion tested the resilience of your real estate business? Are you grappling with challenges in business development, cost control, client acquisition, and…

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  10. Elevate your business with Oracle Analytics Cloud-driven data-rich insights

    Elevate your business with Oracle Analytics Cloud-driven data-rich insights

    As a key decision-maker, you cannot risk making off-the-cuff decisions that may end up negatively impact your strategic business goals. Every decision you take must…

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  11. Win the war for talent - Make a giant leap with Oracle Cloud HCM and Analytics

    Win the war for talent – Make a giant leap with Oracle Cloud HCM and Analytics

    Bad hires, uncontrollable attrition, and poor productivity! No industry is immune to them. Not even during the pandemic times. According to a recent HR Dive…

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  12. ServiceNow HRSD

    What’s in the bag for HRSD in ServiceNow Paris release?

    We all know that ServiceNow HRSD aims to improve the employee experience by automating everyday tasks by providing tools that will help HR Professionals deliver…

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