Software engineering as a service is becoming popular with each passing day. With growing technology, every business also has to evolve to stay relevant in the fast-paced and dynamic market. Software Engineering is the process used for software development, deployment and maintenance. But what is Software Engineering as a Service? Let’s say a company needs software to be developed, they either have an in-house team or they hire a team to do it for them so that they can focus on their main business goal.

In such a case, the company turns to Software Engineering as a Service, where the team can either act as a plug-in extension to the existing team or they can provide all the services from planning and development to deployment and monitoring. This is a rather popular trend. According to, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that by 2029, demand for developers will grow by 22% worldwide.

While most organizations have moved to Agile software development model, Software Infinity methodology basically is a one-stop solution for all software development services needs of any company.

Let’s first understand what Software Infinity offers.

Software Infinity methodology elevates Software Engineering strategy to deliver hyper-scalable software solutions quickly. Driven by Agile software development principles, efficient accelerators high-performance teams, and a transparent governance model, Software Infinity offers far-reaching benefits.

Advantages it offers:

Innovate Continuously: Applying the concepts of Design Thinking as part of requirement elicitation and defining the UX journey. Usage of proven frameworks/accelerators to build software efficiently.

Automate Intelligently: An end-to-end automation of Agile process, Collaboration, Continuous Build, Continuous Delivery and Deployment process with feedback and improvement loop.

Unlock the future: With the help of Agile framework and efficient tools and technology, Software Infinity ensures that the software developed not only serves the current need but is also ready for the future and is sustainable.

But how can it be done? Software Infinity is driven by elements that include state-of-art- tools and technology besides efficient accelerators and frameworks. This includes:

-Agile software development principles comprising Platform/Framework Driven Approach, Design thinking, DevOps and Test Pyramid.

-State-of-art-technologies consisting of Microservices, Cloud-native solutions, AI/ML driven approach, Hyper Automation besides Progressive Web Applications, Internet of Things and Low Code Application Development

-Experienced and high-performing teams that can build machine critical applications and are available round-the-clock

-Accelerators and performance boosters such as AFTA, TechCello, and DevOps Provisioning Portal.

-End-to-End governance model with a strategic metric-driven approach

With the help of these tools and technologies, Software Infinity aims to provide class-apart Software Development services. Aspire Systems’ homegrown methodology, Software Infinity, enables companies to build hyper-scale applications. Learn all about the various benefits of this methodology. Download Article now