Information Technology is playing a key role in digitizing everything today. Talking about IT, Cloud is easily the most essential asset. As financial services are evolving every day, expectations of availing and making use of these services at a moment’s notice is a basic criterion for a satisfying customer experience. The credits of making this possible is the sheer high octane processing power and server capacity of the Cloud.

Banks and Financial Institutions are making huge investments to calibrate payment processes with the integration of cloud payment services. Unified Payments Interface is a prime example of how payments have changed today due to cloud. We have all experienced paying through UPI and its processing power of transferring money instantly. Let’s first understand what are cloud-based payments?

Cloud based payments, what are they?

The Cloud is a bunch of servers located in different demographys in the world sharing a network of data. Any data stored in the cloud servers can be accessed wherever you are, giving total flexibility on access to data, all you need is a strong internet connection.

Apply these technological capabilities to payments and the cloud can turn any device into a digital payment’s portal. Now forget about having a POS system and take contactless credit card payments, pay for online orders and grab hold of a complete omni channel solution for any business with cloud.

Cloud Payments & Banks

Banks implementing cloud services have a great impact on a variety of banking processes. The cloud has helped streamline banking services saving time, processing power and optimizing monetary requirements. Here is a sneak peak on how banks are benefited by Cloud Payment services apart from its flexibility and smooth payment capabilities.

1) Super-Fast Market Offerings

The Cloud is great at integrating data and analytics. Thanks to these capabilities, the velocity at which banks can bring in new service offerings to the market is phenomenal. The supply chain, inventory and data management are easy as the whole process in under one system.

2) Intact Security

Cloud based data is kept very confidential and the strength of security is powerful, also it is very easy to get lost data back with the unique backup features of the cloud. Banks now need not worry about disaster recovery and management as the cloud can help banks equip with the right resources to make the process fluid.

3) Complete Integration

With adept integration with internal systems, obtaining information to mix and match with different areas of business, the cloud also offers integration to external audit software with round the clock access to any kind of data.

4) Adaptable & Scalable

Traditional IT systems could take a lot of time to integrate with a banks existing ecosystem of technology. The Cloud removes this hurdle and help banks to be faster and flexible towards digital transformations. This gives the capability to instal payment software with the most minimal of hardware or even without hardware

Why should you migrate payments to cloud?

Most organizations have adopted cloud-based payments in their everyday business mainly for its reliability, security and instantaneous funds transfer nature with no hiccups in between. As long as there is a demand for efficient systems with minimal infrastructure requirements, the Cloud will be a dominating force.

-Being flexible and helping businesses with demanding changes in payments will be crucial for every bank to provide theircustomers.

-The Cloud helps to dig the roots of data and make in-depth analysis, which could help identify new avenues of business

-Integrating cloud could lead to optimizing Capital Expenditure and organizations could aim to increase their profit levels.

-Improve efficiency levels of digital applications by lowering system downtime

-Its easy to deploy cloud and its capabilities can increase productivity in both quantitative and qualitative ways


By changing to cloud-based payment systems, any organization can take advantage of the benefits it has to offer and provide a payment method, which could be the most effortless way towards funds transfer. Its time you moved your core payments system to a cloud independent solution, which can help utilize its benefits.