The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made organizations realize that their valued asset is their people. Cloud-based HCM solutions can help these organizations to address their challenges of sourcing, nurturing, and hiring. Oracle provides comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that is flexible and intelligent to meet both current and future business requirements. Therefore, many high-growth organizations have decided to implement Oracle HCM Cloud.

But why do these organizations opt to implement Oracle HCM in the first place?

Oracle cloud human capital management is up-to-date, and easily configurable application. Its interface can be effortlessly personalized to fit your employees’ work from home style and focus more on productivity.

Let’s take a look into the top 6 reasons for organizations to implement Oracle HCM Cloud. Every Oracle HCM cloud case study would resonate with these points:

1.Intelligent Application

Oracle HCM cloud uses emerging technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), which combines data with advanced machine learning to improve workforce insights and increase operational efficiency. With its easy-to-configure dashboards, data across Finance, HR, and sales can be easily managed. These predictions and suggestions help them to control people’s costs and drive growth.

2.Data Security and Privacy

For Oracle solutions, security is considered as the top priority. They maintain the foremost security standards and employ experts to back up customers’ data. Their strong and secured products are even used for mission-critical government and enterprise applications across the world.

3.Workforce Health & Safety

With the present pandemic situation, every organization needs to have a system that allows their employees to quickly report, review, and resolve any incidents in their workplace. The workforce health and safety module in HCM Cloud is an easy-to-use application that creates a safer work environment by quickly reporting problems. It also identifies high-risk areas or conditions to reduce the level of possibility and disruptions. The system comes with an auto-fill feature where employees can easily fill their details and submit them. Once the issue gets reported, it is resolved by The EHS (Environment Health and Safety Manager) through a detailed process ensuring extreme safety.

 4.Flexibility and Adaptability

With the present working from home scenario, employees are tethered to smartphones and tablets. As a result, they find themselves working all hours of the day. Organizations should trust them and provide flexible support over how, when, and where they work. This will be the best way to help them reach their work-life balance.

Oracle HCM offers employees to can easily configure their organizations’ charting and workforce with compensation data and set up processes without IT department involvement. It also ensures employees have access and adapt to the right tools to be successful in their day-to-day lives.

5.Global Capabilities

For organizations working at both the global and local level, Oracle HCM Cloud solutions are designed globally at the core to meet their corporate and regional needs. The system can be regarded as a local system for the end-user but on a higher level, all these solutions are rolled up as part of a global solution to the organization.

6.Complete HCM Cloud

Organizations select Oracle HCM cloud services to manage their entire employee lifecycle because of its built as a single cloud solution across HR, talent acquisition, talent management, payroll, workforce planning, and health & safety. As it connects the organizations with a full suite of applications across finance, supply chain, marketing, and sales, they consider Oracle HCM Cloud as their central HCM platform.


Regardless of what the future of work would look like, preparing for the unexpected will provide a good foundation in stormy periods alike. Oracle HCM Cloud offers plenty of opportunities to see innovative ways to get ahead in the future. We, Aspire Systems, an Oracle HCM Cloud implementation partner help our customers with seamless and swift implementations. Many of our customers got benefited with enhanced workforce productivity and lower TCO.