Purpose of Recommendation Engine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science technology that has been used in every eCommerce company. Every eCommerce company uses a Recommendation engine, which is an effective use of AI where an individual’s previous search history, purchase records and internet habits are used to determine their product taste and favourite categories. Recommender AI aims to ensure that the customers find the right product that they are looking for. For example, if a person buys a laptop, the recommendation system will recommend relevant accessories such as laptop bag, wireless keyboard etc.

The Giant of eCommerce

Amazon, the eCommerce giant, uses Artificial Intelligence in many ways to sell its products to the customers. Recommendation engine, Amazon echo, Object recognition are few techniques that Amazon depends on. Amazon echo is used to collect users’ voice commands and queries to get insightful information about the user. Amazon Fulfilment Centers deal with a massive number of different orders across the globe. Therefore, it only makes sense to use AI and computer vision to maintain and stock orders inside these facilities. Amazon has also introduced a top tier AI architecture called Stylesnap which is built with a vision to help customers find the product that they need with the help of AI.

A Sudden ‘Flip’!

Back in early 2017, in an endeavour to enhance their online shopping experience, Flipkart announced partnership with Microsoft. Flipkart discussed its plans of employing AI, analytics capabilities as well as machine learning in Azure, like Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI, with the purpose of optimizing its data for innovative merchandising, customer service, marketing as well as advertising. Flipkart’s “Project Mira” was introduced back in 2017 as an artificial intelligence project which focused on making online shopping as personal as the experience of offline shopping. With a certain small percentage of the shipments returned to the platform daily, the platform determined that this was owing to the gap existing between the expectations of the customer and the delivered item’s quality.

Searching for products made simple!

The companies make a recommendation based on a set of products that are usually purchased together and use natural language processing to understand the customer reviews and see their relevance. If a person is browsing through a particular product page, it allows them to click a popular keyword to get relevant reviews. The ability to get proper third-party validation creates more trust among the users and will enable them to make quicker purchase decisions.AI powered fulfilment centers are another advantage of AI for the companies. Companies also use depth sensing and object recognition to further automate the process with ease. Such new generation warehousing can create efficient supply chains and ensure a quicker delivery.AI can also improve the turbulent demand forecasting which is one of the major challenges that the eCommerce industry and especially the Amazon faces. Demand forecasting can be tricky when the market trends are rapidly changing.

Security is natural in Artificial Intelligence!

A wrong forecast would cause overproduction or underproduction of a particular product, therefore resulting in a loss for the retailer. In these circumstances, AI would be more helpful to avoid such losses by precisely predicting the demand for a particular product. Fraud detection is one of the essential applications of AI which could be a key to detect fraudulent activities in companies. Every year all eCommerce companies face an increase in the number of bad practices from cyber criminals. Hey, use AI to track and identify any account or product that might be making suspicious moves.AI can also detect if any seller is making or using the platform for ill purposes. Users can simply upload a picture of the product which they needed, and the company would show search results for identical offerings. Referring an image would be far better than writing a search query for the desired product.

Future Ideas as a Notification!

The next idea of AI based architecture would be an arrival of notification for the desired products. Customers might have searched for specific products in specific colour with specific size. In-case if those products were out of stock, then it would be better to notify the customer when the desired products got ready and reassigned to the stock. The customer might have the chance to buy the product as he has already searched for it, and it increases retailing. It also gains the complete support for Amazon to make zero competitors to compete with.

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