Considering the massive complexity due to COVID-19, imagine the fierce competition that lies ahead for organizations. CFOs require actionable business solutions that support them in the future competitive market. With Cloud-based business applications, data optimization in a company’s product, sales, and marketing departments become easier than ever.

Finance departments are occupied in basic duties with little time for analytical work. Oracle analytics for Fusion ERP is a fully packed analytics solution on cloud that empowers finance teams by providing ready-to-use content, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), out-of-the-box dashboards, data models, and reports. These analytics let CFOs delve into complex analysis, deep historic trends, and predictions that enable them to take better business-critical decisions.

For example, CFOs of organizations can focus on the top-line growth by setting KPIs around CapEx, OpEx, and payroll-to-revenue ratio. The data obtained from these analytics help them to track the factors affecting the bottom line. They can also set alerts and get notified when these measures hit specified thresholds. This becomes easy for them to deep dive into details and find different ways to improve the process.

Oracle Analytics for Cloud ERP allows you to adapt to your organizations’ needs with an extensible framework at all levels. Customers can use the power of Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to customize their business. They can integrate their internal and external data sources with Oracle ERP Cloud data for a unified visibility of the business enabling deeper insights.

Monitoring Business Performance through KPIs

Oracle delivers a library of best practice financial KPI’s to all the finance professionals and managers where they can monitor their organization’s performance in the fusion ERP application. These KPIs and metrics provide coverage around profitability, balance sheet, financial ratios, account receivables, and account payables to ensure wide-view on the organization.

To make better decisions, finance users can create personalized decks and cards that provide a lot of information to track and monitor specific views such as region, business units, etc.

Fusion ERP Analytics

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Data Management and Governance

Oracle Analytics for Cloud ERP offers an advanced security framework. With visible KPI’s, dashboards, and visualizations, it also includes data management and governance components for an enterprise-class product with appropriate security controls in place. The data mode in the application is always in sync with updates to the ERP cloud, so that, there is no need to rebuild analytics and data solutions. The data stored can be accessed via 50+ connectors with Oracle Analytics Cloud to offer the flexibility to connect live or stored data.


Oracle analytics for fusion ERP offers 360-degree insights across all data sources thus providing powerful and comprehensive analytics and data management platform. With all these successful analytics, CFOs can strategize their future-ready data platform and propose corrective actions.

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