Oracle Cloud provides a plethora of benefits to customers using on-premise Oracle products when compared to Sage or QuickBooks

Oracle Fusion is a modern Finance approach. It gives you access to the emerging technologies to transform your whole ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) experience. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are the major benefits of moving to the cloud which is integrated with Oracle Fusion.

Some of the Key Features of using Oracle Fusion are:

  1. Increase in the ROI by 3.2 times
  2. Reduction in the total cost of ownership by 52% when compared to what the existing Oracle on-premise provides
  3. Delivery to 180+ modern business practices

Moving to the Oracle Cloud avoids the risk of technology obsolescence dropping to zero. According to statistics, businesses supported by agile finance leaders are likely to increase product profitability by 95%.

Oracle Cloud is integrated with all the applications you may use as a 3rd party system or Oracle ERP as such. It helps you to perform the analysis on the same day as the collection of data is very fast. So, the time on analytics is more than data collection which helps in the growth of a business.

Oracle Fusion is a complete enterprise cloud. It has ERP, EPM (Enterprise Performance Management), HR, manufacturing supply chain and CRM, whereas Sage or QuickBooks may not provide a full scope of ERP. QuickBooks is accounting software and Sage is an ERP, hence they do not have all the modules that Oracle as a single product can deliver.

Fusion application is accessible through mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and iPads. It can easily integrate with 3rd party applications such as Sage to Fusion and QuickBooks to Fusion. This improves productivity and increases insight.

No worries about Data Warehouse

Oracle Fusion is embedded with analytics, unlike Sage and QuickBooks where you have to rely on the data warehouse that increases the cost of your operations.

Easy sharing of information as similar to social media

Sharing personal and social topics are possible in Oracle Fusion application where you interact and resolve certain issues that help to collaborate with your peers.

Validating and accounting are now not time-consuming!

As data entry requires a lot of energy and effort, Oracle Fusion has come up with the Integrated Intelligent Imaging solutions, which scans the soft or hardcopy of the invoices received from the supplier and sends it to the dedicated email Id that Oracle provides. This helps businesses in reducing a lot of effort in terms of account payable clerk, generate invoices that they receive from suppliers or vendors into the system.

Oracle Fusion is configurable without the need for IT support or technical skills. Driving Insights at the right time helps decision making of the organization. Furthermore, Oracle Fusion gains are incremental…

  • Scalable for global expansion
  • To enhance employee experience
  • To easily comply with local regulations

These are some of the inferences we have established by comparing Oracle Fusion with Sage and QuickBooks. For a more detail account of the analysis, watch our videoCloud ERP: Taking Your Business to the Next Level