Oracle Managed Services is a cloud-based IT solution deployable across an entire enterprise. It is perfect for organizations wishing to harness the cloud’s full power without the resources or expertise to architect and deploy their IT solutions. 

This service offers an integrated platform, including managed database, SaaS applications, hosted services, and support. Hence, customers can enjoy all Oracle benefits without the hassle of infrastructure or software management. 

Key Benefits of Oracle Managed Services 


Managing your software infrastructure’s lifecycle through a single vendor facilitates innovation. Having one contact point for all IT needs allows you to address emerging issues and opportunities in your industry or business more rapidly. 

Informed Decision-Making 

Oracle Managed Services (OMS) provides specific capabilities that enable IT managers to make informed decisions about purchasing new licenses based on their workload. You can make informed decisions faster, without waiting for an unexpected outage. 

Advanced Technology Leverage 

Oracle MSA provides access to a range of technologies, including those designed for operating system patching, application runtime management, server management, storage management, and network. 

Tailored Oracle Applications 

Aspire’s expert team can help develop customized applications and solutions tailored to your business needs. We recognize that each business has unique requirements, and we work with you to create an application aligning with your organizational goals. 

Increased Efficiency and Productivity 

Customizing Oracle applications allows businesses to develop solutions specifically designed to address their unique challenges. Tailoring the application to align with their processes enables organizations to work more efficiently, minimize redundant tasks, and maximize productivity. 

Enhanced Business Analytics and Improved Customer Experience 

Regular updates to Oracle applications foster a culture of innovation within organizations by improving features and functionality, ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing technological debt, enhancing user experience, providing an innovation roadmap, incorporating best practices and efficiency. Keeping applications up-to-date helps businesses stay competitive and innovative while meeting changing customer demands and industry trends. 

Collaboration and Integration 

Customized Oracle applications can integrate seamlessly with other internal and external systems. This consolidation of data sources, automation of processes, and building of end-to-end solutions foster collaboration and innovation. 

Facilitating Informed Decision-Making 

Customized Oracle applications enable organizations to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and emerging industry trends. This agility allows businesses to gain a competitive edge by promptly addressing unique challenges and seizing innovative opportunities. 

Data-Driven Insights 

Customizing Oracle applications allows organizations to design data structures, reporting frameworks, and dashboards that prioritize their specific business needs. This empowers decision-makers with accurate and relevant information, enabling data-driven decision-making for faster innovation. 

Real-Time Reporting 

Oracle Managed Services provides real-time insights into applications and databases, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing them for smooth running, eliminating manual maintenance needs. This allows users to focus on core business activities and make timely, informed decisions based on real-time data. Real-time reporting provides quick and accurate insights into operations, enabling informed real-time decisions. Oracle Managed Services offers various real-time insights for databases, cloud infrastructure, Business Intelligence, IoT Cloud, etc. 

Leveraging Advanced Technologies 

Cloud-based Oracle Managed Services offer several benefits, enhancing scalability and resource management for businesses. Oracle managed services refer to outsourcing the management, maintenance, and optimization of Oracle-based applications and databases to a third-party service provider specializing in Oracle technologies. Combining these services with cloud technology makes them even more powerful in terms of scalability and resource management. 

AI and Automation 

AI and automation play a crucial role in optimizing business processes by streamlining operations, reducing manual effort, enhancing decision-making, and improving overall efficiency. AI-driven functionalities integrated into Oracle Managed Services provide intelligent insights, predictive analytics, and automated management. These functionalities enhance efficiency, reduce human error, enable a focus on strategic tasks rather than routine maintenance and monitoring, empower organizations to make more informed decisions, achieve higher automation levels, and ultimately drive better outcomes. 

Security and Compliance 

Regular Oracle application updates ensure businesses stay compliant with industry regulations and data privacy laws. This enables organizations to innovate and evolve without compromising security or regulatory compliance. 

Choosing the Right Oracle Managed Services 

Tailoring Oracle Managed Services to align effectively with your needs involves several crucial steps: 

  • Assess Current State: Understand your existing Oracle environment, including applications, databases, hardware, and software configurations. Identify pain points, performance issues, and areas where efficiency can be improved. 
  • Define Objectives: Clearly define your business objectives and goals. Are you aiming to improve performance, reduce costs, enhance security, ensure compliance, or achieve a combination of these? Defining your objectives guides the Oracle Managed Services customization. 
  • Gather Stakeholder Input: Involve key stakeholders from different departments or teams to gather insights into their specific needs and challenges. This collaborative approach ensures the tailored services address a wide range of requirements. 
  • Prioritize Requirements: Rank your requirements based on their criticality and impact on your business goals. This helps you focus on the most essential aspects when customizing Oracle Managed Services. 
  • Consider Growth Plans: Factor in your business’s growth projections. Will your Oracle environment need to scale to accommodate increased workloads, users, or data? Ensure the tailored services can accommodate future expansion. 
  • Technology Landscape: Evaluate your overall technology landscape, including integration points with other systems and applications. Determine how Oracle Managed Services can integrate seamlessly with your existing technology stack. 
  • Regulatory and Compliance Needs: Identify any industry-specific regulations or compliance requirements impacting your Oracle environment. Tailor the services to ensure data security, privacy, and regulatory obligations are met. 
  • Performance Metrics: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) aligning with your objectives. These could include response times, uptime percentages, data transfer speeds, and more. These metrics serve as benchmarks for evaluating the tailored services’ effectiveness. 
  • Customization Options: Work with your Oracle Managed Services provider to explore customization options. Discuss how various features and functionalities can be adjusted to match your requirements and objectives. 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Define SLAs outlining the expected performance levels, response times, and Oracle Managed Services availability. These SLAs provide a clear understanding of the service quality you can expect. 
  • Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks associated with customizations and changes to your Oracle environment. Ensure adequate risk mitigation strategies are in place to minimize disruptions. 
  • Feedback and Review: Regularly review and gather feedback from stakeholders as you tailor Oracle Managed Services. This helps ensure the tailored services meet your organization’s evolving needs and remain aligned with your goals. 

Our Services 

Aspire Systems excels in customizing Oracle applications, offering services that include application design and development, application integration, and data migration. Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, we deliver high-quality solutions that fulfill all your requirements. The dedicated team of experts at Aspire Systems is committed to completing projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. 


Harness the full potential of customized Oracle applications with Aspire Systems. As your trusted partner, we can help you overcome challenges, accelerate innovation, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape. Contact Aspire Systems today to explore how our customized Oracle applications and solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

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