Bad hires, uncontrollable attrition, and poor productivity!

No industry is immune to them. Not even during the pandemic times.

According to a recent HR Dive report, nearly 69% of the millennial workforce considered switching jobs, as their employers did not serve their interests during the pandemic period.  And over 63% of businesses feel that retaining existing employees is more challenging but cost-effective than hiring new ones.

HR leaders worldwide battle the war for talent to increase business agility, growth, and resilience.

So how about you?

Enable intelligent digital transformation

Are you ready to win the war for talent?

Make the giant leap by investing in the Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.

According to Deloitte’s research, over 84% of professionals emphasize the significance of human experiences in talent retention. But only 43% of HR personnel feel they are equipped with the right tools to create personalized experiences.

Oracle Cloud HCM solution is the ultimate tool to enable digital transformation and leverage people strategy to achieve business goals. It humanizes work and engagement by making HR systems flexible, personal, and intelligent. It seamlessly unifies every HCM process, powering global HR, talent management, workforce management, and payroll.

The Oracle Cloud helps businesses optimize worldwide hiring and retention, align with business goals, reduce compliance risk, and exercise greater control over HR processes.  Its powerful people analytics enables data-driven decisions that foster growth, productivity, and profitability.

Power your workforce

Hiring the right people and engaging them well propels your business on a fantastic growth trajectory.

Oracle Cloud HCM puts your people first by empowering, engaging, and satisfying them with personalized technology and innovation. It boosts trust, morale, and productivity through transparent communication, re-skilling opportunities, mentoring, and agile experiences.

Enhance positive employee experience

According to the latest LinkedIn report, 94% of people professionals agree that employee experience is critical to an organization’s future. 77% of the businesses feel positive employee experience can help retention.

CHROs must enhance positive employee experience to ensure business continuity, profitability, and growth. The experiences need to be more digital as today’s workforce collaborate from remote locations through multiple devices.

The Oracle Cloud HCM solution delivers positive, intuitive, and personalized employee experiences using empowering technologies. It engages each employee with natural conversations through a voice-based UI and a digital assistant. People can get quick answers to their queries and execute processes from any device via SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Get the most from employee data

Engaging, nurturing, and holding onto human capital is not a child’s play.

The HR department needs access to employee data strewn across the organization to read into employee concerns and motivations. Only then can they devise the right strategy for talent engagement and retention.

Responsible usage of people data can provide incredible insights that boost productivity and engagement. Efficient data management improves hiring and retention, enhances decision-making, and creates excellent organizational culture.

The Oracle Cloud HCM solution enables hassle-free data management by fostering collaboration between HR, finance, supply chain, and customer experience departments. It creates an accurate single source of truth (for HR data) with real-time visibility to improve decision making.

Its simple configuration and infrastructure help HR executives customize workflows, achieve scalability, and reduce IT dependencies.  By providing consistent access and experience across devices, the solution empowers you to get the most out of employee data.

Gain unprecedented insights

The HR function in organizations needs to be data-driven to optimize cost, effort, and time.

According to a DDI research report, HCM professionals who deployed data analytics are over six times more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

Oracle Analytics provides out-of-box HR intelligence to line managers, HCM business partners, people analysts, HR leaders, and CHROs. The insights help them gain an exceptional competitive advantage over their peers.

Its self-service analytics capabilities provide intuitive insights into workforce composition, manager performance, span of control, diversity, turnover/retention, comparison ratio analysis, and top talent analysis.

Comprising of over 100 KPIs and 8 pre-built dashboards, Oracle Analytics provides fresh outlooks with simple and secure external data overlays.

Conclusion: Collaborate with the right SI partner

Ready to digitally enable your global workforce?

Then you need an efficient System Integration (SI) partner who can optimize cost and accelerate Oracle Cloud HCM implementation.

At Aspire Systems, we are experts in agile SI and Oracle HCM solutions implementation. We help businesses win the war for talent through our unique approach to build strategic HR transformations with scalable and agile capabilities.

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