Serverless computing adoption has been skyrocketing in cloud and according to Gartner 20% of enterprises would shift to serverless computing with trend setting services like AWS Lambda. Since its inception, AWS Lambda has helped the developers’ world glow up with unprecedented level of agility that paved way to more innovation and productivity. For the business world, this has eradicated the need to scale the underlying infrastructure and reduces operational cost.

Goodbye Old-Tech builds

Organizations with old technological stacks when try to shift to new framework would encounter hindrance in deployment cycles. Instead of shifting the entire application, it is effective to break them into silos and move using microservices and Docker containers managed by clusters in AWS platform. This enables better elasticity in AWS with increased responsive deployments and scaling agility. You can see improvement in flexibility and virtual scalability with the data lakes on AWS.  Since there is no infrastructure, it becomes easy to spin off Lambda which automatically increases the support to change request without any addition of new resource or configuration.

Fair Pay

Removal of inactive server time from the entire process opens the gate to economic benefits with the usage of ‘pay-as-you-go’ model where you can pay for granular level billings minimizing the overall ownership cost. This gives you incentives to process more codes considering cost. Besides you don’t have to worry about continuous uptime support as the fleet management covers everything from code deployment, tracking, monitoring and security reconciliation.

Automation Trail

Having an EC2 instance running all day and night is a cumbersome process so you may replace it with AWS Lambda that enables automatic back process comprising of creating backup jobs, executing and generating reports during disaster recovery. For instance in MySQL cluster, by triggering the function of lambda you can snapshot the state of data periodically and move it to a bucket which will release these data.

For any web-hooked system that does not require a constant or continuous string to activate the communication channel all day but only works on request like the chat box tool, Lambda becomes the perfect match to perform tasks on request automatically.

Media Process

You might have encountered issues in media transformation and formatting with constraints like storage, size and time to process. This can be resolved by executing Lambda function 1 to pick out the required format and if it is unavailable Lambda function 2 is executed to get the required format of media from Amazon S3 bucket. Apart from media formatting, you can use Lambda for data normalization and transformation by filtering and gathering data from multiple resources.

Compliance to slash cost!

Never miss an opportunity to save cost and by saying so you can focus on enabling governance and risk compliance regardless of the size of the company by monitoring AWS workflow. As a pipeline is created to in an account, set up in S3 bucket, the Lambda function reacts to all events and save them for indexing. By doing so, you can collect accurate data on security and pick our unwanted activity in not time which saves you from any breach and by extension cost.

Whatever object and event you create, all of their execution is easily automated without any server management that seamlessly generates revenue with lesser impediments. Removing complexities of having to deal with servers produces wide advantages with just a mere supply of code in languages like java, python, etc. With these valid cases and effects, you can expect AWS Lambda to be a game changer on the cloud trend undoubtfully.

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