Azure has been constantly adding more and more services horizontally. From where it started as a narrowed PAAS for simple web application, it has expanded its horizons rapidly in the areas of IAAS, Big Data, Analytics, Integration and Devops. Today, Azure is without a doubt a powerful and leading contender in these areas.

While azure was expanding horizontally it has also been improving the existing services vertically. Azure’s Web application solutions have been a special interest for me being a SaaS architect and Azure has undergone and is undergoing significant makeovers within this zone as well.  Let us look at this journey



Current Options


Summary: Current Web Application Deployment Options

 As you can see, at present there are 4 ways to deploy web applications In Azure (with the support of other storage and Cache services) which are

  • Azure App Services : Web App, API App, Logic App
  • App Services Environment
  • Cloud Services
  • VM Role

Azure app services seem to be the most viable option among these considering the cost and manageability. Other options make sense if you need more control of the deployment environment or network.

New Portal

If at all there is one thing I am not very happy about amongst the changes, it has to be the new portal. Azure web management portal is also undergoing a massive change. They are quite not there yet, hopefully they will make the usage better.

In the coming blogs I will be covering the other Azure services in detail. You might also be interested in our Azure Cloud Migration offerings.