System admin Richard walks into the office one fine morning to learn that 10 people have joined on the same day. Instead of hurrying to allot them desktops and fretting over arranging them systems, Richard settles on his desk care-freely sipping coffee.

Setting up systems is a minute’s job for Richard, thanks to his company’s decision to apply Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to its IT infrastructure.

Now all Richard has to do is start up the thin clients or desktops at the allotted desks and connect it to the server with the users’ log in ID and password. The preexisting desktop will set up itself. The whole set up would take from a few seconds to couple of minutes depending on the employee’s role. If he/she is a developer then they would get a proper desktop with all the required files and working platforms preloaded. Writers and editors would find software and necessary access to folders as soon as they log in. DaaS actually makes it possible for people to start working as soon as they arrive, minimizing delay and maximizing productive time.

How DaaS Works

The desktop structure your company uses is stored into cloud. Not just the allocated structure for developers’ desktop but also for the other departments and roles. The third party service provider is responsible for the security and uploading of this information in the cloud. They provide access to your IT administrator with which he can set up desktops via your server in your organization. Individual uses of desktops with special permissions and accessibilities would depend on your own server. Also known as data virtualization and remote desktop, DaaS is the revolutionary solution for integrating organizations with offices and employees at various locations.

Hassle Free IT system management with DaaS

Change of location: When someone changes location within the organization or is sent onsite, they can carry their desktops with themselves. Log in from any computer and get the same access and start from exactly where they had left. This same applies even if system is stolen or needs to be changed for technical problems. In case of mergers and acquisitions it is easier to integrate new employees with your existing systems with minimum disruption. DaaS lends greater flexibility to work from anywhere with the same accessibility.

Easy Maintenance: Imagine you update the OS at one place and it’s done over all the organization’s desktops. With DaaS it is possible. Be it system upgradation or setting firewall and other security measures, there is no need to do it per desktop. Collective DaaS solutions like DevFarm manage application upgradation and parallel releases with single application leading to less IT bottleneck.

Secure Access:  Cloud computing has taken data security to the next level, also it stores all the data on the same platform for ease of access. While you only have to take care of your server security, there is no need to install security applications on individual desktops. Data is more vulnerable and at risk from cybersecurity threats when it is open from any end user device. Data security on cloud would be the purview of the third party service provider, giving you peace of mind.

Save Time and Cost: Faster deployment saves labor, cost and ensures better ROI. DaaS helps you to deploy desktops to all your employees at the same time and less effort irrespective of their geographical location. It cuts down significantly on IT efforts and enables them to work better on other significant deliverables. Developers can work on two different projects at the same time in different development environments, saving time and increasing productivity with DevFarm. Using DaaS also means less wires and devices taking up office space and lowering technical maintenance costs.

Simple Application and Recovery: Application was never so simple where all you had to do is log in and find a desktop ready to be used.  It is also easier to address system issues and respond promptly to such calls. In case any system loses information, data recovery is also at the fingertips of the IT admin, with all the data stored on cloud.

DaaS allows you to have efficient IT support while having a smaller IT footprint.  DevFarm makes for secure and cost-effective Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments. Improving collaboration between developer teams working on various releases, DevFarm increases productivity by creating multiple environments required and enabling ‘bring-you-own-device’ strategy to employees.  In organizations where desk side tech support is not available but requires high availability of its employees, DaaS is the best available solution for the IT infrastructure. In a scenario where the data security and virtual infrastructure rests on third party, there are lesser chances of sudden costs, leading to better financial planning and greater ROI.