The Application Migration Service is an AWS service that helps you to migrate your application from one AWS region to another without modifying or updating your code. It provides managed services that simplify the migration process by automating several tasks associated with the migration process. Application Migration Service (AMS) provides a simple and cost-effective way to migrate multi-region applications to the AWS cloud. It supports all AWS services, including AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR and other Amazon Machine Learning, Database Migration Service and Lambda Backendless Functions backed by Amazon Athena Translate.

How does AWS Application Migration Service work?

AWS Application Migration Service provides a highly scalable, easy-to-use and secure API for migrating applications to the AWS Cloud. The API can be used by any application or system that needs an automated migration of code and data across VPCs, accounts, regions and accounts controlled by AWS accounts.

AWS Application Migration Service working

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Suppose you want to migrate a multi-region application from one AWS region to another. In that case, the Application Migration Service can help you accomplish this goal easily by taking care of all the complexities of migrating an application from one region to another. AMS helps manage multiple migrations and ensures they go smoothly without downtime or errors. With AMS, you can migrate your applications with just a few clicks or commands and enjoy the benefits of running your business in the cloud without having to worry about hosting or managing it yourself.

Application Migration Service can streamline moving an application to an AWS-hosted environment by automating the steps needed to create and manage a new deployment. It can also ensure that your users have access to their data as it moves from one region to another.

With AMS, your users won’t need to know how to use the new version of your application since the service does it all for them. And soon, they’ll have their familiar desktop or mobile experience.

While this may seem like a simple task, some things can trip up even experienced developers who have worked with multiple services before, such as licensing issues and dependencies on specific technologies or frameworks. These are often overlooked until something goes wrong and it’s too late to rectify. However, with Application Migration Service, these issues are handled automatically, so there’s no risk of losing data or functionality while migrating your application.

Migration options

The AWS Application Migration Service is a hosted, on-demand service that enables you to migrate your applications to other AWS regions or the cloud. The service provides three migration options:

  • You can use AWS AMS to migrate your applications from one region to another region in the same availability zone or another availability zone and from one data center to another data center within a region.
  • You can use AWS AMS to migrate your applications from one region to an Amazon VPC endpoint in another region of the same zone or from an Amazon VPC endpoint in one zone to another.
  • You can use AWS AMS to migrate between public and private subnets with support for IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Consolidate servers into a single region.
  • Migrate users and data with minimal downtime.
  • Reduce cost by eliminating the need for dedicated infrastructure in each region.


Steps to follow for multi-region migration

The following steps will take you through the process of migrating multiple regions using the AWS Application Migration Service:

  • Create a new project in AWS CodeStar and select ‘AWS Migration Service’ as the template.
  • Select the ‘Multi-Region’ option under ‘Migration Type,’ then set up your source and target regions accordingly.
  • Add your source and target services under ‘Migration Source’ and ‘Migration Target,’ respectively.
  • Connect your source region by selecting it under the ‘Connect to Source Region’ page.
  • Set up auto-scaling groups for each region to handle load spikes during the migration process.
  • Use the ‘Specify VPC Configuration Details’ page to specify subnets and security groups for each region.
  • Start migration by selecting the appropriate options for each step.


AWS Application Migration Service allows you to migrate your application between regions, supporting multiple server types, including EC2 instances and VMs and runs on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). You can also use it with an existing AWS account or create a new one within a few minutes.

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