If you are still considering opting for native mobile application development or cross-platform mobile development, take a moment to read out this statistics by Pixel Crayons:-

  • Android has captured 68.1% of the Smartphone OS market share in 2012, up from 46.9% in 2011
  • From 2.3% in 2011 to 3.5% in 2012, slow and steady, Windows Phone is expecting a major thrust in 2013
  • IOS saw a slight decline to 16.9% in 2012 from 18.8% in 2011
  • Symbian still hanging on at 4.4% after a steep fall from 16.9% within a span of 1 year

As so many diverse platforms emerging in quick succession, 100% native development for each mobile platform can become a cumbersome, daunting and a costly affair. That’s why when it comes to mobile apps for business purpose, most of the software vendors/enterprises today are deciding on cross platform development. Cross platform mobile app development is a approaching of creating mobile apps which can run across various platforms unlike the habitual mobile apps which run only on the specific platform for which they are developed. With developing mobile computing technologies and number of platforms or operating systems the demand for various mobile computing platforms is distributed among the users. While a few opt for iPhone some may go for Android technology. A demand for Windows mobile is also widespread attracting the attention of several budget technology users. As such businesses today need to target various platforms for getting better business and therefore need an application that can give best possible performance on different platforms to attract the attention of prospective users.

Some of the advantages a cross platform mobile application development process offers are highlighted below:

  • Does not need to spend every time to develop a new app for a different platform
  • Attract a huge widespread group of audience with a single mobile app well-suited for different platforms
  • Do not require to search for different service providers for mobile apps development on different platforms. Efforts for finding reliable service providers every time are eliminated
  • Allow organizations to target the largest group of audience (users across various platforms) to promote their app in a better way
  • And finally the important factor Cost is lesser than going for development of mobile apps on individual platforms

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