Mobile adoption is changing the way medicine is practiced today and there is a tremendous opportunity for healthcare ISVs to offer their applications in mobiles/tablets.  There are certain trends in Mobile Healthcare 1) 72 percent of American doctors have a Smartphone, with that number expected to rise by another eight percent within two years. 2) With 22 percent adoption among medical providers, iPad has become a key tool for US doctors and medical professionals transitioning from paper charts and developing innovative practice models. As a Healthcare provider ISV(EMR, EHR, PMS,PACS and RIS)you might ask: Good to know.  how those trends are beneficial to me?

Well, if your end customers are doctors aka medical practitioners, then Healthcare ISVs can bring in loads of values across the table and to name a few:

  • Doctors can access patient’s medication history, receive lab results, and order and renew prescriptions through iPhone and iPad.
  • Smart phone apps can function as personal organisers, with electronic diaries, contact lists, and automatic reminders,  take notes, review and edit appointments, contacts and documents, all while Physicians are on the move.
  • Diabetes patients can text back their blood-sugar readings, which are captured and plotted on a patient diary card graph in a secure portal for Online/Mobile access by either patient or physician.
  • Young, urban patients with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes can use smart phones to access Internet hospital patient portals, as well as general health information on the Web.

In today’s highly competitive Healthcare IT environment where all the reforms are driven by Customers, definitely m-Health can act as a game changer in terms of differentiating yourself from the rest, gaining customer satisfaction and eventually achieving revenue growth.    So what next, analyze your market, do your math, choose the platform, develop your app and make it live.