types of App

Today mobile app business is big and everybody wants to cut the pie up in the increasingly competitive market and make a splash for themselves. One of the key decisions you need to make when implementing a mobile app is deciding which type of app will best meet your objective. In this blog, let us see the three basic types of Mobile App and their specifications.

1) Native:

  • Developed and made available only in a particular mobile platform
  • Exhibits distinct look and feel & other UI characteristics of the platform
  • Developed in specific programming language using development tools supported by the native environment eg: Apple – Objective-C in Xcode, Google – Java in Eclipse
  •  Available through respective platform app store

2) Web/HTML5:

  •  Developed and made available across all supported mobile platforms
  •  Typically exhibits same look & feel across all mobile platforms
  •  Developed in HTML5/JavaScript/CSS
  •  Available in the intranet/internet and accessible via respective mobile platform’s browser

3) Hybrid:

  • Developed and made available across all mobile platforms
  • Typically exhibits same look and feel across all mobile platforms
  • Developed in HTML5/JavaScript/CSS and wrapped inside a thin web native container packaged by a third party framework like PhoneGap etc
  • Available through respective platform app store

All the types of mobile apps may help achieve similar results or perform similar functions but are inherently different in development. There are plenty of aspects to consider when it comes to deciding on what kind of app your enterprise needs. Its a huge laundry list that cannot be discussed in this blog at a single shot so let’s discuss about the crucial determining factors through which the decision on mobile development approach can be made in my upcoming blogs…

I hope you find this blog useful. Let us know what type of mobile app is your organization looking at implementing?

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