BaaS, also known as mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS), is a technique of connecting mobile apps to cloud services. A substitute to mobile middleware, the BaaS approach uses unified application programming interfaces (APIs) and software developer’s kits (SDKs) to link mobile apps to back-end cloud room. It also provides universal back-end features such as push notifications, social networking integration, location services and user management. In simple, the key difference between mBaaS and mobile middleware is that the traditional mobile middleware integrates back-end services to the app via an on-premise physical server whereas BaaS, on the other hand, integrates back-end services via the cloud.


Taking advantage of mBaaS in your mobile app developments means addressing and resolving the potentially major issues before they happen. mBaaS will really help you to the three primary concerns of your mobile application.

– Product quality
When you release your customer-facing mobile apps there is a greater chance to expand your business by gaining new customers. Imagine, if your app is poorly constructed, users will simply remove it from their devices and move on to your competitor’s app. The golden rule is to deliver useful and reliable mobile applications focusing on quality and usefulness over “fancy” but possibly unstable technologies/features.

– Distribution
Your mobile application must be robust and work rapidly regardless of the place in which it is being downloaded and used. Consumers simply won’t bear slow working apps. To compete with the immense and swiftly increasing level of offerings in the app stores, you will have to present maximum stability and availability, which can be a costly proposition.

– Security
With any cloud infrastructure data privacy and integrity is critical. This is a multi-level process addressing everything from the app that sits on a device to the back end support systems and shared resources. Your mobile app must ensure secure access to all information is provided at all times.

While mBaaS opportunities help accelerate mobile app development, they are only one step in the process. Determining how to effectively build and distribute complete enterprise applications in a cloud-based environment is the real challenge. Talk to our Mobile Solutions team to know more about mBaaS and get benefited out of it.

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