DevOps is real and it’s here, you can embrace or evade but you can’t ignore!

Industry experts say DevOps is an operational philosophy, or a software development approach, or transformation in IT delivery. Depending upon one’s perspectives, DevOps serves different purposes for organizations based on their unique needs. But the undeniable fact is that, DevOps adds many quantifiable benefits to your organization and redefines your organization’s approach in development and delivery.

Many organizations have adopted DevOps in its nascent stage and are nailing it now. Companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, Target, Walmart, etc. are reaping huge benefits out of DevOps through better innovation, collaboration and communication. Target, the brick and mortar giant, has announced it would spend a 5$ billion on DevOps in late 2015, has seen a major shift in their organizational culture and customer service after implementing DevOps. In a recent interview, Target CIO Mike McNamara explains how Target was successful in implementing DevOps while improving their productivity and customer service.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the interview.

  • Created an accelerated learning environment “the Dojo”, where agile coaches help teams execute their normal work from a DevOps point of view. This helped remove resistance over DevOps and agile practices without affecting productivity.
  • Started developing releases in an agile fashion but still released them in a controlled environment. This helped teams get more comfortable with the processes and tools that support continuous integration and continuous deployment, and become more agile over a period of time.
  • As one of the thought leaders in the DevOps arena, Target has fully embraced DevOps today. Target’s engineers and teams know that DevOps is a constantly evolving space and they have to learn new developments on tools and processes continuously to stay on top of competition.
  • Target’s DevOps experts are very much involved in the open forums and communities as it’s here that ideation and collaboration have led to an emergence of good DevOps tools in the past few years. Through the open source communities, they learn new tools and technologies that emerge in the market and explore how we can leverage it to help us succeed.

(Source for the interview: The Enterprises Project article)

From the success story of Target, we understand that DevOps is continuously evolving with new tools and unites people, processes and products to improve productivity and deliver quality services to customers. Today, there are many tools available that can help implement DevOps in your organization, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) is one such tool that offers ‘everything you need’ to plan, code, build, test, and release your products to customers. Aligned to its vision of Any Developer, Any App, Any Platform, TFS allows you to integrate any tool, work on any platform and enable your cross-functional teams to deliver products faster.

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DevOps redefines organizational culture – The Success Story of Target

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