Over the years, Software development has witnessed many disruptions and played a major role in digital transformation of many enterprises. It has penetrated into all the essential functions of a business and has become a key to the success of any organization. This eventually needs regular upgrades to meet the growing demands of the business. So organizations have become more and more lean and agile towards building a robust software application. Release management is one crucial part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) where organizations invest significantly to bridge the gap between development and other stakeholders involved in building the application.

Release management as such is a software engineering process intended to build, test and deliver the application releases in line with the stakeholder’s requirements. It has always involved managing, planning, scheduling, and controlling software delivery throughout the release lifecycle. A plethora of advantages make organizations managing this process become increasingly lean and agile. They are:

  • Accelerated Time to Value
  • Higher Release Throughput
  • Enhanced Agility and flexibility
  • Increased Productivity
  • Eliminated duplicate and manually-intensive activities
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Mitigate Release Failure

With two decades of experience in building robust software for ISVs, Aspire simplifies Release Management by applying DevOps templates. Recently, one of the Fintech solutions provider serving top insurance companies faced challenges with their cloud setup and management. To offer customized solutions to their customers, they wanted to be dynamic in making upgrades and changes to their solutions. Their manual cloud ops process was not enough to serve these demands and they wanted an automated solution. Apsire approached this challenge with a templated approach offered a Dynamic Environment Provisioning (DEP) and automated the complex multi-applications deployment function thereby facilitating smoother transition to launch the setup. Read full story here.

Based on such project experiences and best practices learnt, Aspire is hosting thought leadership webinars on how to apply templated approach to various functions of DevOps – Infrastructure automation, Continuous Testing, Release Management and so on. Check out our leadership session on 4 Dimensions of DevOps will take a deep dive into Release management and suggest ways to apply a templated approach to the release management process.