A popular banking software organization providing various software products developed a custom portal called the client assembly factory (CAF) for uninterrupted test automation.

By the time people thought that DevOps was just a jargon, it evolved to become one of the most sort after practice in the world of software. The DevOps adoption rate is significantly increasing every year and is going to reach the zenith of fame by the 2020 across the globe. Automation is going to be the main goal with the understanding of continuous integration, deployment and delivery.

With the software market booming, there are equal threats on meeting deadlines and adapting to the changes. Application Deployment into the production environment gets delayed when testing process is complicated and tedious consuming time. This is the case widely, which needs to be addressed and that’s when DevOps come into the play. Every application requires dynamic testing process- automation for every upgrade to keep up the pace in the market.

BFS – Improved release cycle by saving time

This BFS Company had releases and upgrades often and had to go through a huge pile of test cases to run the regression test. This consumed an enormous amount of time. Aspire’s technical experts analyzed the issue and developed a custom product as an enhancement of their internal product version- Client assembly factory (CAF) to help them test through automation and adopt changes instantly in accordance with the requirement. Due to this, the company was able to bag a 3 million dollar contract and saved time with a popular banking customer. To know more about how solution was created through our DevOps implementation services and how it benefitted the client, read the full story.

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