As insurers seek ways to remain agile, competitive, and customer-centric in today’s fast-paced digital era, cloud transformation emerges as a game-changing solution.

With the power of Cloud, insurers can now unleash a new realm of possibilities, elevating their applications and services to unprecedented heights. From cost-efficiency and scalability to enhanced security and customer experience, the potential rewards of embracing Guidewire Cloud technology are boundless.

Insurers consider Guidewire Cloud migration for several compelling reasons, but here are four key reasons you should do it:

  • Cost efficiency: Cloud enables insurers to cut upfront capital expenses on hardware and infrastructure.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Cloud platforms offer scalability, enabling insurers to adjust their resources up or down based on demand.
  • Agility and speed to market: Cloud-based solutions can accelerate the deployment of applications and services, reducing time-to-market for new insurance products.
  • Better customer experience: Cloud technology can help insurers offer superior customer experiences through self-service portals, personalized interactions, and faster claims processing. Let’s discuss this more!

Guidewire stands as a cornerstone for numerous insurance companies in their pursuit of secure and reliable Cloud services. This move is not just about cost-efficiency, it’s about redefining agility and innovation in the insurance landscape. For those who share this vision, who see the potential of Guidewire transformation and aspire to fuel innovative solutions while streamlining costs, we present an opportunity.

A Jutro-based customization of Guidewire Digital that outshines the out-of-the-box variant in more ways than one. Customizing Guidewire Digital through the Jutro framework opens doors to a realm of enhanced possibilities. Imagine, insurance processes designed around your unique needs, crafting a customer experience that resonates deeply. It’s not just about adapting, it’s about personalizing, ensuring that every interaction speaks volumes. Bolster your Guidewire Cloud migration journey with our tailored approach, focusing on user-centric customization for your Guidewire Digital portals.

The customized Guidewire Digital aims at enhancing the UI and UX of the Guidewire Digital portal, boasting a remarkable 3-times faster development speed compared to traditional approaches and an impressive 2-times faster pace than other low code platforms.

Several customizations of Guidewire Digital are in the market, but here’s what sets Aspire’s Guidewire Digital customization apart from the rest.

Jutro-based platform: Our customized Guidewire Digital portal is the first in the market offering UX customizations and the only one built using Jutro platform. This Guidewire Digital customization is a comprehensive and interactive addition that makes adaption easier for insurance organizations adopting Jutro platforms. This customization, combined with Jutro adoption, further reduces compatibility issues between the Guidewire Digital portal and Guidewire core, and enables seamless upgrades for insurers who have moved to Guidewire Cloud.

Outshines OOTB: Our platform is not just scalable and tech-efficient, but we’ve also outshined the out-of-the-box version with jaw-dropping UI upgrades that will help you gain an edge over your competitor.

Software upsides of customized Guidewire Digital portal

  • First version offering UX customizations and the only one in the market built on Jutro platform
  • Super-fast to develop compared to traditional methods
  • Gives even low-cost platforms a run for their money
  • Can be tweaked to every whim of yours
  • Latches on to your existing third-party solutions quickly
  • Facilitates easy future upgrades

The journey towards a superior customer experience with Guidewire Cloud involves more than just migration; it’s a symphony of digital transformation. With this Jutro-based customization, it’s about harmonizing Guidewire’s potential with your vision, to compose an insurance ecosystem that sings your tune. So, if you’re charting a course for Guidewire Cloud adoption that transcends the ordinary, consider the unique path that Jutro-based customization of Guidewire Digital offers.

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