In my previous post I discussed about several ERP solutions which are available in market today. Out of that, the two largest players are SAP & Oracle. SAP has a current market share of 22% with Oracle as 15% (as per Panorama Consulting). Though, SAP leads the market share, there are still several strong reasons of choosing Oracle ERP over SAP. I am going to highlight some of those reasons here:

  • 74% of users are satisfied with Oracle ERP compared to only 72% by SAP. Also the unsatisfactory rate of Oracle ERP is less (22.3%) compared to SAP (23.9%)
  • Oracle has very high selection rate (34%) when short-listed compared to SAP (24%) because of  Oracle being evaluated as better fit for the needs of the organizations
  • Only 20% of Oracle ERP implementation took greater than 3 years  to provide payback compared to 36% of SAP Projects
  • Strong modules when compared to SAP – Procure to pay, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing etc
  • Advanced pricing module supports complex pricing scenarios
  • E-portal provides for easy interaction with customers and suppliers
  • Good functionality for production operations

Some of these points individually may not make a lot of impact but when all considered together does make a good differentiation. These points should not be taken as a sole criterion for selecting a ERP solution but as a guiding reference for the organization which is evaluating Oracle & SAP for their business needs. In my next post, I will write about the various modules in Oracle ERP and their functionalities as well as some of the value propositions which Oracle brings to the table.

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PS: Most of the above data have been taken from Organic search listings including Panorama Consulting reports.