COVID-19 has changed how businesses are operating to a great deal. Companies that have been thinking and talking and discussing Digital transformation before COVID, have leaped and looked at ways to accelerate their digital transformation strategies and plan. According to Microsoft, the company has witnessed 2 years of digital transformation in 2 months.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) has been an integral part of Digital transformation, and companies that had already implemented RPA have had an edge during this crisis time. Learn more about how RPA can help your organization with ensuring business continuity and increased productivity.

To overcome the urge in market demand in various domains, RPA’s Digital workforce has come in handy in various use-case. Here is a list highlighting some use-cases, including few never-thought-before use-cases, where RPA has been and can be leveraged for fast-tracking your process.

Retail and Stock management

Whether customers are looking to order from online retailers or visiting convenience stores, there is a stark spike in the demand for essentials. Retailers are struggling with stock management, in-store planning, supply chain, etc.

Employing the digital workforce in retail has a myriad of benefits. When you deploy RPA for the inventory management, you can

  • improve collaboration between suppliers, customers, and distributors in the supply chain
  • keep the stocks updated based on the demand
  • the limited available human workforce can indulge in high-value operations catering to customers.

Retail and Stock management

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Insurance and Claim processes

With the health conditions have taken a toll during the COVID situation, the Insurance companies are seeing a surge in the incoming queries and requests for various requirements. Companies are having difficulties in the number of manual processes involved in claim processing, underwriting, etc.

Automating this process with unattended bots and attended bots assisting the human workforce where ever appropriate, reduce the works for the insurance employees, and also increases customer service and quicker disbursement time.

Insurance and Claim processes:

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Automating Claims Processing in Auto-Insurance with RPAClick here to Watch Demo

Rooms and Flight cancelation in Hospitality

On a regular day, the hospitality industry like flights or hotels will want to automate their booking process as seamless as possible for customer satisfaction, but they had to take the opposite side and find ways to speed up the cancellation process.

The cancellation process has hit a new high, with travels banned, trips getting canceled and hotels shutting down. Some companies wanted to return the money to the customer as credits to be used for future bookings to keep the cash flow.

This new process involved a series of steps to be done before the credits can be added to the customer’s accounts. Bots were employed here to validate the cancelation and add credits to the customer. Automation Anywhere developed the Airline Call Center Bot to ease a barrage of canceled flights for some of the world’s largest airlines.

Rooms and Flight cancelation in Hospitality

Assisting IT Ops team with enabling WFH for employees

Work from home has become the new normal. Employees around the world have refrained to WFH to handle the COVID situation. This new normal has kept the IT Operations in their toes, enabling smooth WFH for the employees, providing VPN access, installing additional software required for uninterrupted WFH.

Companies have used RPA for this process. Attended bots are initiated where-ever required on the employee’s machine to install the required software without a human having to run the same set of processes in each machine one after the other. This has reduced the manual work of the IT Ops team to a great extend enabling the team to look into more productive work.

Assisting IT Ops team with enabling WFH for employees

Financial services and Loan origination

With many countries announcing stimulus package, Financial institutions are overwhelmed to enquires and loan processing. Bots can be used here to

  • automate the inquiry handling
  • speeding up eligibility check before applying for loans
  • expediting the loan processes by employing document verification including maker/checker processes using RPA.

Financial services and Loan origination

Supporting HR with Virtual Assistants

With most of the employees working from home, the number of queries to the HR department regarding the new norms has drastically increased. Facing repeated questions on paychecks, leaves, updated HR policy, etc, can make the HR just keep answering these the entire day without getting any meaningful work done.

Solution – Setting up automated replies and enabling virtual assistants can offload the repetitive task from the HRs and have them better focus on more productive tasks and enabling better employee engagement.

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