According to a Zippia research, projects under Agile framework have only a 9% failure rate compared to 29% under the Waterfall framework. It’s not a secret why almost all the organizations have adopted some form of Agile Software development, which means frequent delivery of individual pieces of product continuously through cross-functional teams with scope of course correction along the process.

The benefits of Agile software development are not a secret. Advantages like improved control, higher customer satisfaction, increased flexibility, better quality of product, better productivity, and high ROI are some of the benefits an organization reaps by choosing Agile Software Development.

While we might know of its benefits, let’s understand why is there an emphasis on Squad-based Agile Software Development? But first, what is Squad-based Agile Software Development?

Squad is a small team of members responsible for end-to-end product delivery. It is a flexible and cross functional team that plans and executes together. So, when we say Squad-based Agile Software Development, it means that the squad collaborates in a transparent environment and applies strengths of each team member to obtain the highest quality of product to release in the market within the deadline.

Let’s now look at the benefits of this agile software development framework:

1. Innate knowledge:

One of the major benefits of Squad-based Agile Software Development is that every team member has full knowledge about each other’s capacity and also about every aspect of the project. This helps in avoiding silos and makes transfer of knowledge easy for future phases of the project.

2. Close to the same location:

Another big advantage of having a Squad is that all the team members work in close proximity, which is effective as well as efficient. It’s easier to have discussion meetings and arrive at solutions quicker in case a problem arises. It helps build rapport among team members in turn increasing productivity.

3.Increased development speed:

One of the biggest strengths of a squad is that they are flexible and ensure continuous result quickly. A squad reduces waste of time by continuous planning and discussions. Each member is fully aware of their job in the squad besides knowing what the other member is doing and without wasting any time and talent, high quality products are released faster.

4.Reduced risk:

In a squad, as the members are co-located, there is communication at every stage if needed and there is no overlap of functions either. Also, as each member has full knowledge about each other’s part and capabilities, the risk of miscommunication is eliminated. As a result, collaborative efforts are efficient. At the same time, the squad is flexible and adaptive, ensuring predictable project velocity.

5. Autonomy:

Finally, as the squad is actually a small team of talents, they plan and discuss how to reach their goals. The squad members work in cross-functional and collaborative manner to produce high-quality results, so within the squad, they have autonomy to decide their route to reach the desired result. This way, without unnecessary interference, they deliver quickly and fully.

With all these benefits, it might just become the next big thing besides Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Aspire Systems’ home-grown methodology, Software Infinity, as a whole elevates the software engineering strategy to deliver hyper-scalable software solutions quickly. It is driven by Agile software development principles, efficient accelerators, high-performance teams, and a transparent governance model. Aspire Systems also offers to add a high performing Agile squad in just 50 days to your software development team!