Today’s consumers are tech-savvy, demanding more from their mobile devices. The future of automated field service scheduling and optimizing is here with EBS Mobility. This new technology allows businesses to manage and automate their field service operations easily. With EBS Mobility, enterprises can dispatch, track and monitor their field service technicians in real-time, optimizing their schedules and sales operations. This article outlines how EBS Mobility is the preferred solution for automated field service scheduling and optimizing with the latest tools and technologies.

How does the Oracle Field Service suite help?

The Oracle Field Service suite allows you to manage field service operations using automated processes. Oracle Field Service provides portals for administrators and technicians of third-party organizations to access in circumstances when Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) engage third-party service providers for better, more comprehensive, and faster field service coverage. As for the portal for administrators, field service managers and administrators can access, edit, and report on individual task assignments on behalf of technicians using the Web-enabled Field Service Administrator Portal module. They can also place orders for parts, return surplus parts, receive shipments, create service requests, and follow-up tasks.

Scheduling tasks for service technicians

The Field Service application’s fundamental capability is task scheduling. The Advanced Scheduler aids task assignment in Oracle Field Service. The Advanced Scheduler feature helps improve task scheduling in both interactive and automatic modes. Required skills, service territory, customer site access hours, chosen technician, and spare parts inventories are elements that go into advanced scheduling. You can leverage Oracle Field Service’s scheduling services in the following ways:

● Use the Dispatch Center to schedule, manage, and dispatch tasks for field service.

● Use Oracle Advanced Scheduler for its comprehensive scheduling features and the ability to optimize and recalculate scheduling jobs to eligible resources.

● Use Oracle Spares Management to order the needed spare components. With the Advanced Scheduler, when spare parts are required, they are automatically reserved or requisitioned at the task level.

Scheduling trips for service technicians

Travel duration and distance, priorities under the SLA, and overtime charges are a few considerations for planning service trips. Task schedules are only released to the service professionals after factoring in these points. The service technician can either accept or reject work assignments. Unanticipated events may force timetable changes.

The following applications are related to this process:

● Mobile Field Service (Laptop and handheld devices) from Oracle: The schedule is received on the mobile devices after synchronization.

● Oracle Mobile Field Service (Wireless): Similar to laptops and handheld devices, the wirelessly connected mobile device provides real-time scheduling information.

EBS Mobility

Oracle’s e-business suite (Oracle EBS) is a mature product with all the essential features that customers have come to expect in mobile services. Oracle EBS assists customers in lowering total expenses and increasing business value. Accessing the ERP from a PC, on the other hand, is difficult. Ignoring the fact that mobile is the new desktop can have serious ramifications, including low employee morale, a backward employee culture, poor customer service, and more.

The primary goals of enterprises seeking to mobilize EBS are to increase employee productivity, simplify user experiences, and enable employees to make real-time choices from anywhere at any time. True mobility means the end-user has a simplified version of Oracle EBS’s needed use cases in their pockets, allowing them to operate from anywhere.

Leveraging EBS Mobility

Common areas in which EBS mobility can be leveraged include the following:

Sales: Field sales personnel can access essential client/prospect information such as sales orders, stock positions, order details, historical order information, complaints, and quotes.

Inventory Tracking: Material-handling teams on the go can monitor stock levels in warehouses, stores, depots, and quarantine facilities from afar and make real-time adjustments during stock counting and reconciliation.

Field Service: The field service force has access to schedules, ticketing information, incident details, and inventory status, as well as the ability to reliably collect data and upload it to ERP systems, reducing inaccuracies.

E-Business Suite(EBS) Optimization

Unlike consumer app users, enterprise app users are only associated with a few tasks or features inside a department. They repeat the same actions over and over again, looking for simple user interfaces. Complex mobile apps that include all functions stress your users’ tolerance and reduce employee productivity, eventually driving them away from utilizing a mobile app. Role-based micro apps, on the other hand, with unique use cases and functionalities, reduce the number of clicks required to complete a task and provide exceptional user experiences.

Enterprises can utilize the Launchpad to bring their apps together if a user has several roles. Launchpad saves time by allowing users to search for apps and includes capabilities like signing into many apps at once and viewing pending tasks.

Application integration

Oracle’s application development frameworks/ tools link directly to the EBS database, requiring no further integrations. If you’re using third-party tools like Ionic or Xamarin to build mobile apps, you’ll need to use Oracle Integrated SOA Gateway to connect the app to EBS and the database. Oracle Integrated SOA Gateway exposes and offers out-of-the-box web services from Oracle E-Business Suite for consumption via standard Web service clients.

To conclude

If you’re looking to improve the way your field service professionals schedule, boost productivity and optimize their software, look no further than automated field service scheduling with EBS Mobility. With automated scheduling, customized order fulfillment workflow, accurate routing, and roadside experience management, streamlined field service scheduling is a given.

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