Recently, I read a caption which was like; ‘’You will always be the villain in someone else’s story’’. In any organization, the CIO is unconsciously presumed to be a villain for not having the right data in place or the system failure/downtimes or not approving budgets for tools that you think are live savers. On the other hand, the CIOs are challenged to balance the act of chasing the priorities and standing up to the revolutionary expectations of the management. The pressure keeps surmounting.

Did you know that in May 2020, a survey by Gartner revealed that only 43% of CIOs had started their post-COVID-19 strategy planning. With the recurring pandemic waves hitting the global citizens, today the CIOs job has expanded with aspects of creating work-from-home environments, rethinking data center infrastructures, reprioritizing cloud, security investments gaining quick prominence and finally cost-saving initiatives. Overnight, they were expected to become a Superhero and provide a ready-made agile and seamless Enterprise IT landscape for smooth ease of operations during these troubled times.

The good news is CIOs have the ability to build castles in air with the latest technologies. Yes, I am serious, and this is proven with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Process Automation and the Cloud. So, you can combine all of this into your present Oracle Applications topography.

We have put together this whitepaper, How CIOs can save 30% annually by unlocking AI power in Oracle AMS? Here, our think tank Chenthil Eswaran enlightens us on how CIOs can kick start their cost saving initiatives and steer the organization in the right direction. He has illustrated some unique approaches that were successfully implemented for Aspire Systems customers.

A Sneak-peak of the Topics covered:

  1. Maximize the automation potential of your Oracle AMS
  2. How AI-led automation revolutionizes Managed Services
  3. Choosing the right Oracle MSP (Managed Service Provider)
  4. Building a future roadmap
  5. Adopting an agile & scalable Managed Services model
  6. Giving CIOs the assurance of cost savings
  7. Use-cases of Automation driven Oracle AMS

We tend to believe what we see. This whitepaper proves that CIOs have more reason to build empires in the air now than just stick to castles. You can grab your copy!

If you want to have a chat with Chenthil Eswaran, Practice Head of Enterprise Business Applications at Aspire Systems, leave us a message.

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