This year has been a roller-coaster ride which is still in full swing. The speed at which technology is evolving and used, reminds me of the sci-fi movies coming true to this age. The Oracle EBS Community is also approaching the deadline of December 2021. Whereby the Premium Support for Oracle EBS 12.1.3 and below versions will end.

EBS users need the default support and finding the right vendor to support the system is like finding the right sized needle in a stack of hay. The EBS community have roughly a year to make some speedy decisions. I am trying to drive the point that, you need to be realistic and define an EBS roadmap plan.

Take the firm decision whether to upgrade from 12.1. to R12.2.9 or move to Cloud SaaS completely. Let us not forget that upgrading your EBS to the latest version cannot be done alone. You must upgrade the Oracle Database to the latest version. This will have long term repercussions.

To list a few details; we are looking at the most important project that will change the course of your organization’s operations going further. It will also require a substantial amount of time, people and above all money. COVID – 19 has aggravated the situation and time is running out.

You will need a critical set of Automation Tools for doing a thorough assessment, implementation, testing & support analysis. Post the analysis, building business cases, getting stakeholder’s permissions, organizing RFPs and much more. We are talking about a lot of activities which are fragmented, and the data is in silos. Integrating all of it and undertaking the right approach will be of immense importance.

To reduce the complexity and bring about ease in taking decisions for the best approach, we recommend watching this webinar. The speaker, Arshad Imran, Head of Oracle Solutions at Aspire Systems addresses the EBS community concerns and shares best practices.

Key Highlights of this Webinar:

  1. Understand the reasons for the latest upgrade to EBS R12.2.9
  2. Best Practice Guide for building the Upgrade Roadmap
  3. Real Success Stories of Customers
  4. How to reduce go-to-market time with Automation Tools?
  5. Recommendations based on the IT landscape

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Veena Gowda

Veena Gowda

Manager – Marketing at Aspire Systems
Veena is an assertive Technology Solutions Evangelist with more than a decade of experience spanning across industries from enterprises to start-ups. A voracious reader and poet at heart, she also dabbles in content writing for pleasure. For Veena, Change is the key factor that keeps any technology interesting.
Veena Gowda