oracle fusion implementation

Dec 2021: Oracle ends Premium Support. Define your EBS roadmap. Watch Webinar

This year has been a roller-coaster ride which is still in full swing. The speed at which technology is evolving and used, reminds me of the sci-fi movies coming true to this age. The Oracle…

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Oracle Cloud Generation 2 boost impenetrable Security for Oracle Fusion Applications

Today, it is important to understand that a Cyber 9/11 is a glaring possibility we should live up to. We are already living the COVID-19 pandemic which has pushed us to the new work era…

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Being Resilient to COVID-19: A Roadmap for Upgrading your Oracle EBS to Fusion

Times are evolving, and you can either survive or perish. The Oracle EBS is built strong to face tough challenges. You have heavily invested to customize it to your business requirements, yet results are not…

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