Today, it is important to understand that a Cyber 9/11 is a glaring possibility we should live up to. We are already living the COVID-19 pandemic which has pushed us to the new work era where you have to survive and thrive on the cloud. Move your business applications, data and also ensure that it is 200% secure against evolving threats.

In this blog, we are going to deep dive into Oracle Fusion applications security powered by Oracle Cloud Generation 2.

Expert Speak

Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle presented the following in Oracle Open World 2018. He went on record saying, “We’ve built a cloud that is impenetrable. Whether it’s Google, Facebook or the Pentagon everybody’s been attacked at some level of success”.

He added, “It’s much easier to automate attacks than it is to automate defense, since there is an asymmetry between attacks and defense. Oracle’s Autonomous Robots with AI and ML instantly recognizes the attack and responds at a speed which is far faster than how human beings can make a decision. So, it is essential to implement automation. “

Autonomous Robots

Oracle’s autonomous robots have been integrated with machine learning. It is driven with a complex set of algorithms, which makes the system super intelligent and self-patches.

Confidential Data

Though all cloud data is in Oracle’s data center, they assure that no party other than the customer can view their sensitive data.  This includes Oracle, Oracle Partners, Vendors and Customers who share the same cloud database. Also, Oracle Fusion ERP offers extensions, but ensures that the code can only be extended but not changed.

Zero Downtime

Oracle Fusion Gen 2 guarantees that the Oracle autonomous database is 99.95% available, with downtimes of less than 2.5 minutes per month.

Platform Security

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure architecture boasts of a design for security of the platform using the isolated network virtualization approach enabling highly secure firmware installation, holistic physical network control, and network segmentation.

Isolated Network Virtualization Reduces Risk in the Oracle Generation 2 Cloud


Reference: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Architecture

Security First

Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison’s in the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 keynote said,” Other clouds have been around for a long time, and they were not designed for the enterprise. Generation 1 clouds place user code and data on the same computers as the cloud control code with shared CPU, memory, and storage. That means cloud providers can see customer data, and it enables customer code to access cloud control code, which can lead to breaches and cyberattacks.’’

‘’Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud, on the other hand, puts customer code, data, and resources on a bare metal computer, while cloud control code lives on a separate computer with a different architecture. With this approach, Oracle cannot see customer data, and there is no user access to the cloud control code. We will never put our cloud control code in the same computer that has customer code,” Ellison said.

To Conclude…

With precise clarity of thought and action, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure puts the security of critical workloads at the center of 2nd Generation cloud. For organizations running highly sensitive and vital workloads, like financial applications or customer service applications, the Oracle Cloud Gen 2 provides revolutionary security architecture. This reduces the risks and attack shells commonly associated with first-generation clouds.

It is the right time to move on to Oracle Cloud Gen 2 powered Oracle Fusion enterprise applications built for the world’s most security-intense data. On a lighter note, Ellison opined; “I can’t think of anything that isn’t cloud computing with all of these announcements. The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion.’’