This year is likely to witness dynamic challenges for human resources leaders especially in this digital era. With every passing day, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is looked up to as a trusted advisor for a full range of the organization’s strategic and operational goals. Most organizations are modernizing their systems and using their data to make vital decisions in real-time.

In the face of changing employees’ processes, there are other problems one cannot overlook such as unemployment, primarily in the United States. This is leading to a tough competition in the job market to land the best possible job seekers.

CHROs need to prioritize on these following seven objectives to stay focused and bring about digital empowerment in their organization:

1. Playing the part of HR Tech Advisor for your Organization

CHROs are expected to kickstart the drive on how and when to update their organization’s HR IT systems with their peers. All this being in-sync with the IT department, and additionally decide on the use-case and adoption of latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain that enhance HR capabilities.

Organizations acquiring other entities and growing in employee strength face regular challenges of integrating legacy systems of acquired companies and enabling a holistic HR, finance, purchasing, and accounting practices across the board. With advent of the modern Suite of Oracle HCM and Oracle Finance applications based in the cloud, it becomes imperative to be agile and data understanding.

The cloud helps to keep employees happy; the self-service aspect enables for instant answers to their queries. CHROs should encourage employees at all levels to regularly feed information about their work interests and goals directly into the system. Such inputs provide insights for shaping educational opportunities and retention strategies. The cloud is the need of the hour.

2. Entice Top Employees with New Recruiting Methods

Today CHROs can’t afford to miss a trick. They must think like marketers to attract the right employees to their organizations.

You will find need to foster combined collaboration and technology in your quest for the right-fit candidate. Map out the ideal attributes and you can use cloud-based recruiting software like Oracle HCM Cloud to standardize the job descriptions for all the open positions. Furthermore, Artificial intelligence is also embedded in the recruiting solution that helps hiring managers choose the best-fit applicants.

3. After Hiring, move them up the ladder

Being in the right place and right time with the right technology matters. For this, you will need to modernize and digitize the recruiting process and replace packing paper application packets to local job fairs. Instead move up to mobile devices so that potential applicants can fill out applications instantly and you can stay in touch throughout the interviewing and onboarding process using Oracle Talent Management Cloud.

With new applicants on board, the recruiting process progresses to career planning for them. This would ensure the organization to be serious about its new applicants and would chart meaningful careers for everyone. All this is possible today with the adoption of Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud.

4. Practice Competency Mapping

You need to realize and be aware of what keeps the high-performing employees stay strong and focused in your organization. Gathering employee feedback religiously will make you learn how to design and build different strategies and processes for smooth functioning. You will also come across new employees and knowledge sharing will be imbibed in the organization’s DNA.

5. Prep up for Frequently Changing Regulations

Managing a Global workforce needs a bit of hyper-localization to stay afloat with dynamic changing rules and regulations of every country. The room for making frequent amends to your HCM policies and at the same time educating the workforce, demands you to be super prepared with a comprehensive, cloud-based HR platform like Oracle Workforce Management Cloud. It is also easier to change employee salaries and benefits to comply with regulations than updating each record manually.

6. Nurture Future Leaders

Proactively partner with Universities and Colleges to attract and recruit future employees for your organization. You would need team expansion and they would handle student employment and moving them up into the larger HR organization. This is an opportunity to chase multiple goals at one shot. For instance; provide students the real-world work skills, help them find jobs and in turn enabling them to reduce their debt load. Finally, streamline processes with the end goal of reducing costs. Oracle HCM Cloud empowers you to track jobs for students with a simple platform and chart their career progression.

7. Provide Reasons to be a Proud Employee

A classic example is when the U.S. Government was shut down at the beginning of 2019, Arizona Federal Credit Union was swift in offering a low-interest and easy-to-repay loan to members who fell short at getting their paychecks. Post the shutdown, members flooded the credit union with thank-you notes and messages of support. If such an episode comes around, credit union lenders will be ready to help once again.

Good work and providing the opportunity to do good work for a larger audience builds the team confidence in employees and reasons to value the organization. The experience is always life changing and draws the attention of the society in the larger context.