Credit Unions

Digital Lending: ushering in a new era of lending

Traditional lending platforms depended on human intervention and physical interactions at every stage, which increased processing time and the possibility of human error. However, digital lending platforms allow banks to automate their whole loan process,…

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Credit Unions – Stand in a Good Stead With These 5 Trends!

Remember the time that was catastrophic for financial organisations? It was almost like doomsday for banks and other financial institutions. Of course, we are talking about the global financial crisis in 2008. After bearing the…

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Siloed architecture and Credit unions: A mismatch made in heaven?

Are we biased on silo-based financial models? Not entirely, but given the advancements in the financial sector, the legacy-based siloed architecture is not exactly a cake walk for bankers and credit unions during these fast-paced…

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