Do you believe cloud computing is quite expensive for you? You’re not alone. 58% companies agree with you.  

Fortunately, Microsoft has addressed this concern. If you are currently using Windows Server or SQL in Azure, you need to know all about Azure Hybrid Benefit.  

Azure saves you 85% when running your virtual machines.  

Microsoft defines Azure Hybrid Benefit as a one of a kind licensing benefit that helps you minimize the costs of running workloads in the cloud.  

What is Azure Hybrid Benefit?  

Azure Hybrid Benefit is a program that allows you to use your current on-premises Windows Server and SQL License on Azure. As mentioned earlier, you can save up to 85% on standard Azure pay-as-you-go rates by leveraging Azure Hybrid Benefit, extended security updates, and reservation savings. Microsoft promises 180 days of dual-use rights, which lets you keep your on-premises solution when migrating to Azure 

How much will you save? 

  • Organizations can save at least 50% of costs by paying an annual cost of $2036 instead of $4393.  
  • Organizations leveraging SQL Server Enterprise Edition could pay $0.598 per hour instead of $3, thereby saving 80%.  

Azure Hybrid Benefits

The contributing factors to these cost-savings include:  

  • How much you use Azure 
  • The type of virtual machines you use (SQL server is more cost-efficient than Windows Server) 
  • Your location 

This is because: 

  • Variable data transfer speeds 
  • Latency is more reliable in select regions 
  • Some services aren’t available in a few locations 

Why Choose Azure Hybrid Benefit Licensing? 

  • More rewards for using Windows or SQL Server 
  • 180 days of dual-use rights between the cloud and on-premises 
  • Use your Windows Server license in the cloud or SQL License in a PaaS environment 

Which Licenses are Eligible? 

  • Windows Server with Software Assurance or a qualified subscription license 
  • SQL Server with Software Assurance or a qualified subscription license 
  • Windows Server Datacenter Edition with Software Assurance  
  • Windows Server Standard Edition with Software Assurance 
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition Core with Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses 
  • SQL Server Standard Edition Core with Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses 

The criteria above apply to all Microsoft Azure regions. 

Need for a Hybrid Benefit Partner 

Subscribing to Azure Hybrid Benefit could be a daunting task. You’ll need the right license and subscription to qualify, achieve cost-savings based on usage, location, and your existing IT infrastructure.  

Partner with Aspire Systems to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Reduce data loss while migrating to Azure 
  • Improved data security 
  • Data compliance 
  • Cost-savings 
  • Minimal downtime 
  • Improved productivity 

Schedule a call with us to know more. 


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