In my last blog I discussed about what a Platform BPO is about and the various requirements it brings up. In this blog I will discuss about the key benefits of having a Platform BPO.

  • Standardizing of processes – Platform brings uniformity in the engineering process. No more ad-hoc technical decisions. The platform/framework creates a layer of abstraction, which is consumed by all the applications.
  • Economies of scale – Platform has inherent support for scaling up. Unlike manual processes like hiring and training, which have their own restrictions for scale, the platform model comes with various options for dynamic scaling.
  • Greater control and transparency over end-to-end processes – Platform takes a holistic approach in building the end to end solution, which in turn provides complete control and transparency on the business process.
  • Value add to End-users; not just staff augmentation – Allows the BPO to go up the value chain by providing more than just resources. Projects the maturity of BPO companies allowing them to gain edge over their competitors.
  • Transaction-based pricing and pay-as-you-go models – BPOs can define flexible and innovative pricing models to meet the exact needs of customers.
  • Higher speed of deployment – BPOs can rollout services in quicker timeframe. Unlike the traditional model where the initial study and resource training phases take a lot of time, Platform BPOs facilitate launching of services in a short span of time.
  • Low implementation cost – Replace rising salaries with Technology.