“Gartner: SaaS Revenue Growth to Top 17 Percent in 2012”
“IDC Asia-Pacific: Companies should take the hype over SaaS “with a pinch of salt.”

Which one should you believe? SaaS has been considered a “great invention and delivery model”, but the bigger question is – Would SaaS be a universal fit for every software category? Can SaaS be suitable for an ERP software same as a CRM or a HCM software?

So, what determines the suitability of SaaS for the various software categories?

Register and spend one hour time on 18th April at 11AM UK Time to hear from three industry experts discuss their views on SaaS and understand if adopting SaaS can create “blockbuster success stories” for you.

• Alex Ginger, Director, AOM
• Veikko Juusola, Director – R&D, Motive Systems
• Ram Kumar, Director – Product Management, TechCello

Key take-aways from the debate:
• On-Premise, Hosted, Multi-Tenancy – which is suitable?
• Costs, ROI & TCO
• Technical considerations

If you have any questions for our speakers please write back to me at: [email protected]

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