The top AI trends in the recent  years have rapidly evolved and are now a driving force behind numerous innovations across various industries and in people’s daily lives. With generative AI and conversational LLMs becoming the next big thing in this technology-driven world, companies are constantly on the lookout for new trends in AI and machine learning.  

One of the reasons for the shift is that AI is not only being leveraged by big companies, but small to medium enterprises are also looking to use artificial intelligence and machine learning, thus it will become more accessible. Contrary to popular opinion that AI will take away jobs, 2023 will see humans collaborating alongside machines to boost their ability and skill, leveraging the benefits of AI in business. 

According to Acumen, Asia Pacific (APAC) is the fastest-growing regional market for generative AI, which is estimated to reach a value of $422.37 billion USD by 2028. Well, we kept our ears to the ground about new trends in AI and highlighted the most useful of them in this blog for you.

The Top AI Trends in 2023 and Beyond: 

  • Generative AI (Gen AI) 

Until December 2022, when OpenAI unveiled a game-changing technology accessible to everyone in this world, the concept of AI was a vague image of a robot taking over our jobs and humanity. Ever since OpenAI’s ChatGPT, businesses and people have seen how machine learning and AI can make a world of difference in both their working and personal environments. People from various geographic areas, professional sectors, and career stages are incorporating Gen AI into their professional and personal lives. Moreover, recent surveys about the top emerging technologies in artificial intelligence show us that 79% of business leaders from various industries report a significant cost decrease with AI adoption in their workplace.  

  • The Promise of Low-code and No-code AI 

Businesses often grapple with complex data and a shortage of tech talent. To bridge this gap, they’re turning to user-friendly AI tools such as low-code and no-code AI platforms. No-code AI serves as a starting point for organizations to embrace AI, potentially leading to increased use of Data Science or AI in the future. Its low cost and user-friendly nature help small and mid-sized companies overcome barriers to AI adoption.  

  • AI-based Cybersecurity Strategies 

AI-powered cybersecurity is one of the new trends in AI that companies are very much interested in due to its enhanced data privacy and data governance advancements. AI is increasingly being used in cybersecurity solutions to enhance their capabilities. It is particularly prominent in network detection and response (NDR) and extended detection and response (XDR) tools, helping security teams detect and address complex threats, including those that don’t have clear patterns. While AI can be used by cybercriminals, companies incorporating AI into their cybersecurity tools are better prepared to tackle emerging threats. 

  • Taking Large Language Modelling to a whole new level with AI 

ChatGPT is changing how we use and understand AI, making it super useful in marketing, customer support, and user experiences. In 2023, people will want AI to be more accurate, especially in things like coding. But there’s a problem – sometimes, AI makes mistakes in product descriptions and gives bad advice. So, companies will need to find better ways to tell us when AI might make mistakes. It’s all about making AI smarter and safer.  

  • Democratized AI is AI for all 

AI tools are getting easier to use, which means that people who aren’t AI experts can get involved in developing AI models. This “democratization” of AI can speed up its development and make it more accurate by involving experts in specific fields. However, there is one big challenge most companies are concerned about, and they are still trying to find an easy solution to it. The problem is maintaining heightened data privacy and quality when AI becomes democratized across organizations.  

Final Thoughts… 

In today’s rapidly evolving AI landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and news, including new trends in AI and the top emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, is imperative. Every year comes with a set of new trends in AI and the benefits of AI in business and personal aspects. However, companies that want to have AI as their upper hand need to know the pros and limitations of new trends in AI and other cutting-edge technologies. 

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