Enterprise cloud computing has been gaining popularity at a faster pace than many would have predicted. Research by Bain indicates that 16% of total amount spent on Enterprise IT was on Enterprise Cloud Computing. Many large organizations have already implemented specific Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions or have taken a cloud first strategy towards new systems. Business that will fail to compete and win in tomorrow’s cloud market certainly risks missing out on significant future growth opportunities.

But this is also true that many are struggling to get the full value of moving their bulk enterprise systems to the cloud. The problem lies in many companies taking this as a one-off decision and not as part of a holistic strategy to pursue digital transformation across their business verticals.

Embrace new opportunities with Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud (DXC)

Episerver offers a lot of its advanced capabilities through its Digital Experience Cloud service. Many services and solutions for a business’ content, marketing or commerce needs are available as a simple SaaS based subscription. With its outstanding digital experience, elastic scale, robust security, super high speed and a managed service with expert support comes along without any big, up-front investment. With cloud based services, you have to pay only for the needs that you have today, helping you save a lot on the infrastructure cost. However, it also makes it possible for you to scale up instantly given you see an opportunity or such need arises.  Also, the entire process of managing these services becomes much simpler, faster, and effective.

Episerver Cloud Services

Figure 1: Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud (DXC)

Here are four reasons why Episerver’s cloud services can give your business a certain edge over your current Ektron platform.

  • Enables you to launch faster experiences on your digital platform
  • Add capabilities only when you are ready
  • New platform features with continuous releases
  • Cost efficient – No upfront expenditure

Some disadvantages that you may be facing with your current set-up

It is obvious that a couple of areas can be done a lot better with Episerver’s cloud. Below are some common scenarios that you may have come across frequently with your current Ektron set up.

Are you able to effectively handle your incoming traffic? Is your platform offering a fast enough digital experience to your visitors? Are you in position with enough measures to mitigate unforeseen risks that might impact your business?

Few common scenarios that many businesses are practicing currently are the following:


  • Make large up-front investments for capacity that you may never use
  • Risk customer dissatisfaction if architecture is incorrect
  • In case of worse case scenarios, high chances of overcompensating


  • Optimization needs for your web platforms
  • Need for servers placed near your main market
  • Dependency on content delivery network


  • Try to prevent denial of service attacks
  • Have to co-ordinate with multiple vendors and suppliers on security practices
  • Risks of managing heterogeneous systems


Episerver concers

Figure 2: Some common concerns for businesses on their digital platforms – Capacity, Speed, and Security


What Episerver offers to solve all these challenges?

So how Episerver tackles all these situations? Here are few things that you get automatically when you have an Episerver DXC subscription. There no doubt you have to pay only for what you  will use, thus helping you save a lot on the unnecessary overheads. However, it is capable enough to handle any sudden traffic or an encounter of a seasonal variation to scale up any time the need arises. The guaranteed availability comes with market leading SLA. Its self-optimized platform ensures that your visitors don’t suffer due to slow speed at any point of their customer journey. The industry standard and proven security process keeps your platform in safe hands without any worry about minor details. This also includes extraordinary strong DDoS mitigation features. Not to mention the support around the clock and monitoring with Performance Reports and Expert Advice for fine tuning.

The Episerver’s DXC includes the cloud software platform, an enterprise search engine, a delivery network, managed services, and web application firewall. The service varies with different usage parameters. The digital marketing plans are suitable for delivering digital experiences. Examples can be brand and informational websites, lead generation websites, customer service tools, e-commerce platforms or intranets. Whereas the Digital Commerce plans built on top of Digital Marketing capabilities adds catalog management, pricing, cart, transactional, order management, and promotional features to its list.