Automation has proven to be most effective when it comes to increased ROI simply by freeing up the time and effort of valued resources, reducing costs and errors, and accelerating the development process. When working with ERP software, such as Oracle EBS, taking advantage of automation is key to enhancing productivity levels. Enterprises that use automation have stayed competitive by shortening the financial reporting cycles and reducing manual intervention because they are aware of the benefits of Oracle EBS automation, including Oracle Application Testing Automation.

Oracle Application Testing Automation

Oracle E-Business Suite is a process with several modules. These modules are integrated, and manual testing of each module can be daunting and time-consuming. With Oracle releasing new versions and additional functionality periodically, manual testing only becomes even more challenging.

On the other hand, automation testing is far more reliable, accurate, and significantly faster. This is where OATS comes in.

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) provides an integrated solution to ensure application quality and performance of Web services, Web applications, Oracle applications, Oracle database, etc. OATS also has Open Script, which is an integrated development environment. It has three integrated products:

  • Oracle Functional Testing: Functional and regression testing.
  • Oracle Load Testing (OLT): To measure performance, load testing, and scalability.
  • Oracle Test Manager (OTM): Test requirements, management, execution, defect tracking, and reporting.

Oracle functional testing automates the functional and regression testing for web applications, web services, and Oracle applications. Oracle functional testing also allows load and performance testing. There are two tools involved in Oracle functional testing – Oracle Flow Builder and Open Script.

Oracle Flow Builder

Oracle flow builder is a component that is keyword-driven and developed mainly to test the Oracle EBS applications. We can translate this flow into an executable script. Oracle flow builder comes with 2000+ pre-built components and 200+ pre-built flows. What’s promising is that you don’t need to know any scripting language.

It is easy for a non-technical team member to generate test scripts from one of the pre-built flows. Moreover, you can also create your own component and flow.

Advantages of Oracle Flow Builder

  • Pre-built component and flow.
  • Reusable
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Easy automation possibilities.
  • Reduced testing time.
  • Enhanced data security.
  • Create your own flow.
  • It supports customizations.

Open Script

Open Script is useful in automating functional, regression, and load testing. It supports record and playback options and has a pre-built script. If needed, you can make use of it, or else you can create your own flow, also.

Advantage of Open Scripts

  • Quick object identification
  • Record and playback function
  • Pre-built scripts
  • Reusability
  • Easy data parameterizations

Why Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)?

Oracle Applications Testing Suite is easy-to-use and reliable, reducing manual testing. It also accelerates the testing process. OATS is an integrated and robust solution covering test management, load and stress testing, and functional testing in a single test suite. It also enables recording the EBS application flow with the record and playback option.

A special advantage is that you can write your own code. It has pre-built automated test scripts to test the EBS application transactions without programming experience.

Benefits of Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

  • Reduced Cost and Testing Time: OATS automates the test cases making the most of easy-to-use test solutions. It reduces manual testing and increases testing accuracy.
  • Improves Quality and Performance: Since OATS can automate both functional and load testing, you can extend the test coverage. You can also define checkpoints in your test cases, allowing you to define expected behavior viz-a-viz the application’s actual behavior.
  • Allows Custom Code: Since Open Script is an Eclipse IDE Framework, you can add your own business logic and custom validations. Open Script will enable you to personalize and customize forms and OAF (Oracle Application Framework) pages.

OATS for Real-Time Testing and Validation

User expectations continue to evolve and increase testing and quality assurance demand. And ERP applications are complex packages, and business process spans too many applications. Manual testing may not be able to cope with the complexity and volume to ensure thoroughness. OATS offers an effective testing platform to test all tiers of the application stack. This platform enables real-time operations by testing and validating the application’s functionality and performance.

In conclusion

OATS is a comprehensive, scalable, and integrated testing solution that enhances the quality of any product, especially in the development of E-Business Suite applications. On the way to digital transformation, investing in OATS with Oracle and Platinum partners such as Aspire Systems can bring a level of competence and expertise to accelerate the testing process of a product, and make it faster to market.

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