Container packs up all codes and its dependencies aid applications to run effectively at high speed from one environment to the other. It segregates concerns and provides them clear objectives as the developers focus on build and dependencies while operations team focus on deployment without modifying or disturbing the application configuration and software versions. It could be similar to a virtual machine but instead of hardware it uses virtual operating systems to manage and run applications. It enhanced the infrastructure as it manages even the granular activity in the application. It assures the organization with high scalability, portability, operational efficiency, consistency and reliability irrespective of the environment. Gartner predicts by 2025, 80% of organizations will have already migrated to cloud.

What do we get out of these containers in cloud migration?

Containers pack components like configuration files, libraries and codes for running an application and are set away from the OS and legacy infrastructures. This helps in porting applications between different environments like on-premise to cloud, local to production and cloud to cloud.

If the application usage increases, we can provision containers instantly to handle it and we can remove them easily once the demand is met.

In order to save cost and improve performance and flexibility, applications are separated into many portions and distributed across different environment.

Since containers occupy less storage unlike the virtual machine, it reduces cost and usage of resource. They also decrease development, build and testing time as containers take care of deployment in multiple platforms.

Apart from containerization there are several other ways in moving applications to cloud like the lift and shift, refactor, full rebuild. It is important to understand the requirement, situation and the priority of the application to choose the best approach for implementation.

Experts at Aspire are coming live on the 29th of October’2019 at 10AM PDT to present a webinar on Leverage Containers for Cloud Migration –  How to Ace it?’ to give you the insights on modernization and cloud migration with containers. You also get to know about the Pros and Cons of approaches like pure lift and shift alongside containerization.

The other Key takeaways include:

  • How to optimize your cloud strategy with containers
  • Pros & cons of pure lift and shift vs containerization in migration
  • Choosing the right skillsets for containerization
  • Long term ROI comparison of containerization vs pure lift and shift

Register here to learn how to ace the pace of cloud migration.

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