Cloud Migration

Challenges, Patterns, Strategies & Architecture while Migrating to Cloud Integration Platform

Introduction It is impossible not to notice the fact that integration environments are becoming more complicated. Demands from customers and users, plus new and previously unheard-of technological advancements, have led to scenario in which integration…

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A CFO Survival Checklist for Integrated Cloud Service Migration

Frontier Firms, or the top 5% of companies across industries, are trend setters in setting the pace for productivity and profitability of any industry. The other firms show a divergence from touching the productivity curve…

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Webcast: How to Achieve True Scalability in SaaS Applications?

One of the most unique and critical feature of Cloud is it’s “Elasticity”. The very nature of SaaS applications being delivered over cloud (internet) enforces a natural requirement for these applications to be elastic as…

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