On-Premise to Cloud

Fact Vs Fiction – Debunking cloud security myths that hamper successful cloud migration services

Businesses looking to optimize their operations are best served by efficient cloud migration services. However, despite the widespread adoption of cloud technology, there are still myths and misconceptions surrounding cloud security that hold some organizations…

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How automation in DevOps plays a crucial role in cloud migration services

DevOps has become an increasingly popular approach to software development and deployment as organizations shift towards cloud-based infrastructures. Cloud migration services harness the collaborative nature of DevOps, which allows teams to release high-quality software faster.…

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Future Proof your Business with Oracle Cloud Generation 2 during this pandemic COVID-19

Today’s On-Premise software applications face many challenges like security, application modernization and resistance to upgrades. Cloud migration doesn’t completely solve this either, with fears of intra-cloud Data Security and its underlying costs looming large. Budget…

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